My name is Jennifer and I'm a junior doctor working in the NHS, currently aiming for a career in mental health. I'm passionate about healthy living and how making healthy choices can influence so many aspects of our busy lives. 

I believe that we all deserve to be well, healthy and to feel our best in both body and mind. I see mental and physical wellbeing as equally important, and a truly healthy lifestyle should be taking this into account.

Healthy living isn't something only for the motivated, for those with time or money, for those who feel part of the elite. It's not an optional extra for when it feels convenient. We can all take responsibility for our well-being, and we should.

Three steps to healthy living:

The links between health and lifestyle are becoming more and more recognised each day. The way I see it, there are three parts to a healthy life:

1. Food - enjoy eating well! A varied, balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables - plus a little of what you fancy every now and again. It needn't be fancy, expensive or complicated.

2. Get active. However you choose to do this doesn't matter - but exercise is brilliant for maintaining food physical and mental health.

3. Relax. Taking care of your body also involves allowing yourself the downtime you need. Life can get busy, but there's always time to take a few moments out to enjoy a bit of wellbeing.

It's my goal to educate, inspire and motivate everyone to take pride in doing the best thing for ourselves - taking care of our health!

So look around, enjoy the blog and do get in touch because I love hearing from you!


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  1. Can't believe you have the time for a blog while studying medicine! Way to put the rest of us to shame!!!


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