Thursday, 14 September 2017

Audley End House and Gardens

Gardens at Audley End

 Somehow I've become the sort of person who could spend hours just wandering around beautifully laid out gardens...

While we were in Essex, we weren't too far from Audley End House & Gardens, a 17th Century mansion house and English Heritage property.

Similarly to Ham House I wasn't overly enamoured with the house itself, although I did like the service wing - somehow I always find the "below stairs" aspects far more interesting to imagine.

The gardens however, well they were something to behold!

Behind the house, the garden was an explosion of colour - all beautifully laid out around a fountain. Photos really don't do it justice, in the bright afternoon sunshine it was magnificent.

Formal gardens in summer

Garden Flowers

Mansion and Gardens

I love photographing gardens and flowers. There's so much to play with - catching dew drops on a petal, the beautiful symmetry and geometry of nature, bees and butterflies flitting about...

Bee on Lavender Plants

Yellow flowers

Pink Pom Pom Dahlia

Water droplets on flower petal

As for my personal favourite part of the estate? The walled kitchen gardens. I love the idea of home-grown fruit and vegetables, and a perfectly curated kitchen garden is the ultimate version of this dream! It's amazing how colourful the gardens can be, simply with fruit and vegetable plants. Greenhouses filled with tomatoes, grapes and potted plants. Apple and pear varieties going back hundreds of years. Row upon row of greens, and vegetables topped with an array of colourful leaves.

Flowerpots shelves

Walled kitchen garden

Growing apples

Greenhouse grape vines

I'd love to have my own version, if on rather a smaller scale! However we recently killed a cactus so my green fingers are still in development it seems... I'll just leave it up to the professionals for now.

Rows of vegetables

Tomato Plant

Pear Tree against brick wall


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  1. Such a beautiful house! It always baffles me how some people have actually lived in (and continue to live in, I guess) in places like this... Those gardens are so gorgeous too. xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure


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