Monday, 18 September 2017

A Couple of Forgotten Favourites

Fresh bread

I love finding new activities, new ways to entertain myself.

But in this quest to find new and exciting hobbies, I often find myself neglecting some of my forgotten favourites. The things I know I love but forget to make time for.

Homemade Bread

First of all - baking bread. I go through phases with baking in general - usually dependent on whether I'll have anyone around to help me eat what I make! But one of the things I definitely don't do enough is baking my own fresh bread. It's so simple and there's something so satisfying about it when it goes right; watching as flour, water and a little yeast magically bloom into a fresh loaf.

I really got into making bread a couple of summers ago, in the long break between finishing medical school and starting work. I could wake early and have a fresh loaf out of the oven and cooling just in time for lunch.

Slices of home baked bread

Fresh bread tastes infinitely better, yet I just forget to make it! The other afternoon, however, I opened a fresh bag of flour, a new tin of yeast and pulled out my favourite bread recipe book. What I love about the simple recipe is that it's not overly messy or hard work - there's not a lot of kneading or rolling it around on the surfaces. Sure the kitchen worktop can get a little floury but it's never quite as much effort as I assume. And of course, it's always worth it to fill the house with the smell of baking bread!

My other forgotten favourite is watercolour painting. Now, this really is a forgotten one! I often have colouring pencils nearby, but with all my house moves and years at university, my paints have sat rather sadly in my wardrobe at home. When I've been packing and unpacking on such a frequent basis, they've sat rather low in my priorities and I realise now what a shame this is.

Watercolour paints and painting

The weekend at the end of my annual leave, I was feeling creative and these days this normally takes the form of refreshing my blog! Browsing Youtube videos for watercolour graphic tutorials inspired me to get my own paints and brushes and down. And as soon as I did, I remembered just how much I enjoy it. I can spend hours painting and drawing, becoming totally consumed and losing track of the time (which was a blessing during my GCSE Art years and all the associated coursework).

Watercolour palette

Painting flowers

I love the way watercolours blend together, washing to create so many beautiful shades and colours, all the different effects you can make. I created my watercolour blog graphic but also enjoyed painting floral patterns, letting my imagination run.

Watercolour painting of flowers

I'm already planning to bring my paints back with me next time I go home - because what's one more bag when I eventually have to pack up an entire flat next summer?!

What are some of the things you know you enjoy but just don't give them time to anymore?

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  1. I loved this post girl! The bread looks divine - my Mum makes hers all fresh and I always manage to wangle my days at her house when she's making it.... ;) I find watercolours so relaxing too and as an illustrator I don't actually get to do it anywhere near enough!


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