Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Isle of Wight

Maybe it's the longer days, maybe the warmer weather, or perhaps the early holiday photos starting to spring up online - but the past few weeks I'd found myself craving walks on the beach, tasty food and just a change of scenery.

Boats at Cowes Isle of Wight

So when my mum suggested spending a few days in the Isle of Wight, I was only too happy to agree. It's a place I'd never visited before, yet close enough to be an easy trip to squeeze into my days off.

We set off on the wettest Wednesday I've seen in a long time - not ideal holiday weather - but fortunately, things did improve! Picking my sister up en route, we boarded the ferry at Southampton and crossed the Solent, arriving on the island early afternoon.

With the rain putting most outdoor activities off the menu, we sought out somewhere to eat and with a bit of googling, came across The Lifeboat Inn, a restaurant alongside a marina. Basically, I'd picked this place because I saw the word 'halloumi' on the menu, which has always served as a good way to find somewhere to eat in my opinion. This tactic did not disappoint - we had some delicious halloumi and falafel burgers, and narrowed down an excellent dessert menu to creme brulee with fresh strawberries.

The Lifeboat Inn East Cowes

Halloumi and falafel burgers

Strawberry and vanilla creme brulee

Lifeboat Marina East Cowes

For our only full day on the island, we started with a drive to Alum Bay. I forget how beautiful beaches in the UK can be, and the coloured sands and sparkling water looked wonderful in the morning sunshine. We took the chairlift down to the beach, and then went out to The Needles by boat.

Cliffs Isle of Wight

Chairlift at Alum Bay
 Alum Bay Isle of Wight

Coloured rocks at Alum Bay

The Needles

We then ventured on to East Cowes, wandering along the sea front and stopping to enjoy some tea and cake in one of the cafes. Shortly after this however, the clouds drifted over and the rain began so we got back in to the car and drove to the south of the island to admire the scenery (if not the blue skies).

Royal Yacht Club Cowes

Cowes Isle of Wight

For dinner we ate at The Bargeman's Rest, a pub near to the hotel - and serving the hugest portions I've seen in a long time. My main could easily have satisified three people, and the peanut brittle sundae I ordered for dessert completely defeated me!

On the final day we returned to East Cowes for breakfast, fuelling up on eggs and coffee before taking a trip to Osborne House, the seaside residence of Queen Victoria. It's a beautiful English Heritage property, and so beautiful in fact that I'm saving it up for a post all of its own!

Osborne House

After a lovely few hours in the house, grounds and beach of Osborne House we headed to the nearby Albert Cottage Hotel and it's Consort Restaurant. I'd highly recommend this as a place to eat on the Isle of Wight - their food was delicious, perfectly portioned and the staff were very attentive. Plus they have the most beautiful gardens outside and seemed to be serving a very popular afternoon tea.

The Consort Restauant Albert Cottage Hotel

Goats Cheese and beetroot


Coconut and mango meringue

Albert Cottage Hotel Garden

And not long after that it was time to go home! Back on the ferry, across a slightly less grey Solent to the mainland and a lovely weekend reunited with my favouite Jack Russell...



  1. That landscape is so amazing! Looks like a lovely time, glad you got some good weather in the end!

  2. I haven't been to the Isle of Wight for years - your post has made me want to revisit!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  3. It looks so beautiful! I'd love to visit - I've been working near Southampton and I definitely need to go across the bay!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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