Wednesday, 19 April 2017

4 Ingredient Chocolate Walnut Bars

Raw chocolate walnut bars

I've been enjoying getting experimental in the kitchen again recently. And now that I've got my weekday lunch prep sorted, I'm starting to think about the extra snacks. Because no matter how good my lunches are, I can't help wanting a little something to keep me going through the afternoon. So with some tasty ingredients very kindly sent to me by Indigo Herbs*, I've created these tasty chocolate walnut bars.

Easy to make, they require just four ingredients and take almost no time to prepare - just a quick blend together in a food processor!

They're perfect pick-me-up food for the afternoon - packed with protein and healthy fats essential for brain function, plus some mood boosting cacao and banana. Medjool dates add a sweet, caramel-like flavouring to balance out the bitter cacao. They've been great mid-afternoon during my oncalls this week - a quick boost of nutty goodness to keep my energy levels up while I'm running around the surgical ward!

Now let's be honest here. These bars are not meant to be a "healthy alternative" to wonderful things like chocolate brownies. Sometimes in life you just need the oozy, chocolately goodness of fudge brownie warm from the oven. 

But there's a place in the world for these walnut bars too - for when you want something sweet that isn't going to send blood sugar levels all over the place, leaving you craving more. These bars are satisfying, hitting the sweet spot and keeping you there. Plus I've discovered they're extra good smothered in your preferred choice of nut butter. 

Raw chocolate walnut bar recipe

To make six bars:

1 chopped banana
2-4 chopped medjool dates (depending on how sweet you'd like them to be)
50g cacao powder (Indigo Nutrition Organic Cacao)

Start by putting the walnuts into a food processor and blending them to a fine texture. Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend until well mixed and coming together as a sort of dough.

Scoop out the mixture and press/roll into a rectangle approximately 1.5cm thickness. Slice into bars and enjoy!

They'll keep for a few days in an airtight container so, if you're not sharing them, make a batch to enjoy yourself over the next few days!

Bowl of walnuts

Indigo Herbs Walnuts

Indigo herbs cacao powder organic

Food processor walnut bars

Thank you to Indigo Herbs for sending me some products to test out. Recipe and opinions my own!

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Chocolate walnut bars recipe



  1. Ooh these look so delicious! :) xx

  2. These sound good - I often make energy balls with a combo of nuts, oats, cacoa, chia and dates. Definitely good for my 3pm energy slump in the office!

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  3. This looks so good!

  4. Oh these sound tasty! I need to start looking at these types of things... Trying to cut down on my chocolate intake haha!


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