Sunday, 5 March 2017

Little Things I've Loved This Week (and last week) #45

Hello! I ended up having a quiet weekend at home last week, without my laptop, so I never got round to publishing my Little Things I've Loved post last Sunday. I've also been on-call this weekend, so very nearly didn't get round to this week's either! But I enjoy looking back over the week and sharing the best bits so I decided to combine the last two into a post this evening. Here are a bumper fourteen days of happy moments:

This Week:

As I said, I've been on call every day this week. As on-call weeks go, it hasn't been too bad at all - the majority of the patients have actually been pretty well (aside from their fractures of course) which has meant we've managed to stay on top of all the work and not feel ten steps behind all the time.  

Assisting in trauma theatre. I agreed to start earlier on Friday to help one of the trauma surgeons with his upper limb list. I'm not hugely interested in surgery, but I do still find it kind of fascinating seeing it all up close! I used to enjoy watching it as a medical student, but now I actually get paid to help with surgery and I still can't get over that haha.

Quiet on-call evenings, leaving time for catching up with friends. Stable patients in the day also turned into stable patients overnight! I had very little to do after 5 pm each evening so I had a bit of time sitting around in the ward office - the perfect opportunity to text a few people and catch up.

First creme egg of the year. I used to love these- I still remember buying multiple six-packs of them in my second year of uni. Nowadays I find them better enjoyed in moderation, but still enjoy that first one after not having had one since last Easter!

Listening to Ed Sheeran's new album. I make an effort to wind down in the evenings and so Friday when I got home I stuck this on and just listened to it. Pretty sure there'll be a couple of new favourites from it.

Last Week:

I've spent this week working on an orthogeriatric ward, looking after elderly people after having their hip fractures repaired. Seemingly it's a bit of a love-it-or-hate-it rotation - I personally really enjoy the time I spend there, but some of my other orthopaedics colleagues would much rather do anything else! I've been finishing work on time each day, the hospital hasn't been too pressured this week and none of the patients has been that unwell so it's been a good one! Here are the happy moments from the past week:

Patients asking me how I am. It just makes the ward round feel less formal, less rushed and more like a pleasant conversation. Plus it's usually a good sign that they're doing well! 

Braving new bits of the gym. It's been nearly two months now since I joined and I'm slowly building up my confidence about exploring new parts, different equipment and varied workouts. 

Saturday breakfast and an almond pastry. I don't normally eat pastries for breakfast, but I walked past the bakery section of M&S after the gym on Saturday morning and decided I really wanted one! It was delicious with the rest of my post-workout breakfast in bed.

Finding a forgotten pair of black skinny jeans in the wardrobe. Even better they're still actually black rather than grey. And then I found three good hairbands in the pockets. 

A midweek haircut. I've been meaning to have my hair trimmed for a while, so I made an appointment for after work on Wednesday. Especially nice was the head massage and back massaging chair while having my hair washed - a lovely way to wind down after the day!



  1. There's always something so lovely about a hair cut - I think its the head massage when they wash it!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. Glad to hear you've had a good week at work! That breakfast you made yourself looks amazing. Your new hair is lovely too!

  3. Made me laugh the bit about find good hairbands in the jeans, almost better than the jeans itself! Glad you've had a more steadier time at work recently, it's nice to hear that it's not always as rush rush rush as it seems :)
    Amy at Amy & More

  4. Just came across your blog love the idea of the little things that make you happy! I used to work for M&S and I was always tempted to pick up a vanilla crown for my lunch so so good!

    The Traffic Jam of Life

  5. I love posts like these, it's all about the little things in life, happiness can be found in the smallest places! I am now eating Easter egg chocolate all the time so I can enjoy it as much as I can haha :D


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