Sunday, 19 March 2017

Little Things I've Loved This Week #47

Little things I've loved tulips

Hello again everyone! Hope you're all doing well and have had a great week. This week I've been working, then went home for the weekend to look after my favourite little dog. It's been a busy one for me with a bit of travelling around, more time in theatre at work and a weekend blog event! But my busiest weeks are often the best ones and here are just some of the happy moments over the past seven days:

A massive slice of carrot cake just when I needed it. Tuesday was an even busier than usual day at work, and although I was doing my best not to get stressed out I think the nurses recognised just how hard I was having to work to keep on top of everything! So when the sister in charge brought me a huge slice of carrot cake it was the perfect boost - cake and a bit of recognition go a long way. (Perhaps I should add 'eat cake whenever it's offered' to my things I've learned about managing stress at work?!).

Time to chat at work. And in stark contrast to the above point, Wednesday afternoon I got back from the operating theatre to find that nearly all the ward jobs had been done. I've said it many times, but working as a team has been the thing getting me through this tough rotation, so a good forty-five minutes of silly conversation was a highlight of the week!

Trying out a new workout routine. I've been really enjoying slowly incorporating new things into my gym sessions, including a kettlebell workout. What was less enjoyable was following it up with a day in theatre which is a workout in itself for me - I need to keep working on my strength for some of these procedures...

A Krispy Kreme doughnut. Perhaps I should just make this week's post about nice things I've eaten at work? I'm not usually that fussed about Krispy Kremes, I find them too sugary, but one of the anaesthetists had brought in a box for the operating team on Thursday. With all-day operating lists, regular mealtimes can sometimes go a bit haywire - you end up getting lunch inbetween cases rather than fitting the cases around mealtimes. So when our second case finished at just before 2pm and I'd spent a good few hours holding equipment (plus the intense concentration required just to keep everything sterile when you're not used to the operating theatre), a sweet and sticky doughnut made me feel much more human!

A useful careers workshop. As a medical student, I often found careers workshops a bit generic and unhelpful - there was a lot of focus on how to apply to core medical or surgical training not much else. This session though was all about our personal values and attributes - and although it sounds a bit "fluffy" it was right up my street! Lots of self-reflection and some reassurance that my current aim for a career in psychiatry seems to be a good fit.

Attending BlogConLDN on Saturday. This was a fabulous event with some excellent speakers and incredibly generous brands. What was also lovely was how friendly everyone was! I turned up to the event on my own but had no trouble finding other bloggers to chat to and browse the stands with.


What have you been up to this week? I love hearing about other people's happy moments, so do leave me a comment!



  1. So jealous I was too busy studying to attend BlogCon, sounds like an amazing event!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ahh that's such a shame! It was great - hopefully you'll get to attend something else soon :) Hope the studying is going well though!

  2. Getting some assignments in would be my happy moment of the week. It's been rather full on recently with placements and work to do but now some of these are done I have a little more time so catch up on everything else. I was looking at the Blogconldn hashtag and it looked great, did you go to any of the talks?
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. Catching up on things and just getting through a to-do list is definitely a satisfying and happy feeling - well done! I managed to get to Lauren Shipley's talk on photography which was really helpful, only wish I could have attended more talks! :)

  3. Such an uplifting post, I loved reading about so many lovely happy moments :) BlogconLDN sounds amazing and it's always the loveliest when everyone is friendly and welcoming at events like those. That carrot cake also sounds so DIVINE! I think my happy moment from last week would be feeling inspired to write again, I have been lacking motivation with writing and blogging these past few weeks (alongside my blog I'm writing a novel) but I got a major surge of inspiration and think I'm back on track now. Also the sunshine on Wednesday was a perfect reminder that summer's well on its way <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. I'm pleased you're feeling inspired - it's a great feeling wanting to throw yourself back in to writing! And yes - I'm excited for summer making its way back!


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