Sunday, 19 February 2017

Little Things I've Loved This Week #44

Little Things I've Loved This Week Happy Post, cup of tea

This has been a wonderful week for me, full of all kinds of happy things. I had the week as annual leave so I headed home to my parents' and set about doing all things non-work-related. Almost completely switching off from work (I didn't mute the work whatsapp group because I didn't want to miss out on the fun!) has been just what I needed to do and I'm feeling relaxed and refreshed. It doesn't take a sunny holiday to get the most from annual leave (although I wouldn't turn one down...). So here are some of the things that have made this week so great:

Catch ups with my school friends. 
I feel so lucky to still have some great friends from my school days. From watching rugby at the pub, to lunches and dinner out it was so nice to meet up with the people I've grown up with. I love reminiscing about the old days, while also seeing what everyone's getting up to as we move forward with our adult lives.

Lunch at Le Touquet
Dad and I ventured over the channel early on Wednesday morning, taking Le Shuttle to Calais then driving down the coast to Le Touquet. It was a beautifully sunny day and we wandered around the town, stopping for lunch and then headed home. I miss speaking French so it was especially nice to realise I can still understand it!

Remembering how to drive.
This week I tackled one of my biggest challenges, getting back behind the steering wheel. I was incredibly nervous, but it felt so good to realise that I hadn't completely forgotten how to do it! It took no time at all for me to be comfortable steering, changing speed and moving through the gears almost without thinking. I'm still working on my confidence and have been for a couple more drives - it's getting easier, albeit slowly.

Teaching my dad to make poached eggs
My parents taught me lots of what I know about cooking, so I enjoyed the role reversal here! Just a couple more practices and I'll move on to how to capture them in the perfect Instagram shot...

Poached egg with avocado on toast

Aeroplanes taking off into the sunset
Cheesy. So cheesy. But it's a view I love, driving out west on my way back home and watching the planes leaving Heathrow against a golden sun and pink sky. I just really like planes and sunsets, alright?!

Listening to Taylor Swift
Getting back to my flat on Saturday night, I was just really in the mood for some nostalgic music. So I picked out a playlist, turned up the volume and enjoyed the old tunes while unpacking.

Magazines and ipad

What have you enjoyed this week? 



  1. Sounds like you've had a great week off! So awesome that you went to France for a day.

  2. What a great week on you dear


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