Sunday, 12 February 2017

Little Things I've Loved This Week #43

It's been a week of two halves this one. Buoyed by the enthusiasm from last week, I was in a positive mindset heading to work on Monday. But Monday and Tuesday ended up being long days with late finishes, so motivation was dipping by Wednesday. Happily from Wednesday onwards things got much better - the ward was better staffed, we finished work at 5pm and that means more free evening time for blogging, gymming and just generally sorting my life out!

Here are some of the little things I've loved this week:

Banana and Nutella crêpes. I'd actually been really craving pancakes with sugar and lemon, but then I started making them and realised I had some very ripe bananas in need of eating soonish! So my Friday night dessert was a couple of chocolately, banana-y crepes... yum.

Speedy ward rounds. Some days we're still seeing patients at five o'clock in the evening. Then there are weeks like this one, where we've been managing to get the whole ward seen before lunch time. It just feels better psychologically knowing that we've then got all afternoon to just focus on the jobs we've generated!

The satisfaction of finishing candles. This week I've burned down a few candles that have been sat in various rooms around my flat. I love using things up completely, although I'm trying very hard not to just hoard the glass holders now!

Watching the snow swirling outside while I'm tucked up indoors. These days I find snow that settles more inconvenient than exciting, but I still think the flakes drifting down past the window are rather pretty. And so far it's not settling, so best of both worlds.

Finding everything I wanted in the shops. Saturday morning, I headed out in the aforementioned swirling snow, with a mental shopping list: new work trousers, a cosy jumper and a pair of short boots. This has been my shopping list for about three months so I was pleased to finally find everything I wanted.

Being able to paint my nails. I'm off work now for a week so I dug out my nail varnish collection and spent ages deliberating over which shades to choose.

England winning the rugby. Again. I've seen far less of this year's Six Nations than usual - normally I spend the entire weekend watching all the action. But I did manage to catch the England  v Wales game yesterday and was very pleased with the result. Sorry any Welsh fans reading this...

What have been the highlights of your week?



  1. I love finishing candles too, it's so satisfying. I think I'll actually have to go for the rugby too this week as a highlight as I'm 8 days into a miserable cold and chest infection :(

  2. Shopping trips where you get everything you are after are amazing! I haven't had one in a while! Oh and I totally get the painting your nails thing, I either work Tuesday to Thursday night, Monday to Thursday night or Tuesday to Friday night and I've really been making the effort on my days off go paint them 😂

  3. I like the look of the trousers you got for work. Professional black trousers are very aggravating to shop for, but a relief when they fit right and look good

  4. Woo a week off work! Very jealous. I have been loving watching the snow flurries too x

  5. The picture of the tea really drew me into this post, it looks so cosy! So jealous that you've had snow also! Lovely post x


  6. I had an all-day ward round today and left at 8pm, so I totally feel you! Glad the week got better, though. I like the look of that striped top!

    Jane / deluminators


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