Sunday, 8 January 2017

Little Things I've Loved This Week #39

Happy New Year, all! I can't believe we're only just over a week into 2017 - I've been back at work since the 2nd and haven't yet stopped (SO ready for a day off tomorrow). Despite spending the week oncall, it's been a positive one. I've stuck to my resolutions about a better work-life balance and I'm definitely feeling the benefits. So keeping things cheery, here are some of the little things I've loved this week...

1. The most peaceful of supermarket shopping trips. 9am on a Tuesday morning. Barely any other shoppers, just an army of grocery-pickers making up online deliveries. No radio blaring. No in-your-face Christmas decorations. No crowds, queues or in-the-way trolleys. Just me, my basket and all the shelves fully stocked.

2. The pharmacist who thanked me many times over for sorting something out for a patient who was unexpectedly being discharged that day. While I don't expect to be thanked for every little task I do, it felt good to have my efforts acknowledged for once!

3. This picture. It was one of the first things I saw while scrolling through Facebook on Thursday morning and for some reason it really tickled me!

4. Dinner with the other FY1 doctors. It's great to get together with the others and just remind myself that I'm not the only person still adjusting to working life as a doctor! We went out for curry as a big group, and yes we did talk medicine most of the night but actually it helps to just let off a bit of steam.

5. Saturday evening gym session, followed by a pizza. Because life's all about balance.

6. Spotify playlists. For when I want something relaxing in the background and the radio is just too chatty. 

7. A relaxed lunch and coffee break, actually at lunchtime on Saturday at work. The other oncall doctor and I made the most of a quiet period to sit, chat and drink coffee with the only interruptions being simple bleeps that could be dealt with over the phone. 

8. Enjoying the daylight on my late mornings. I've been starting work at 11am which means I get to actually see some daylight in the mornings and this always makes the day feel a hundred times better!

What have been the highlights of your first week of 2017?!


  1. That shopping experience sounds bliss! I woke up late yesterday and ended up hitting Sainsburys at 11am (I'm usually the first person in at 8am on Saturdays) - it was horrific! I hate shopping at the best of times so I won't be making that mistake again!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. Loving that pic!

  3. Aww I loved this post! Always nice to reflect on the little things that have happened. I love food shopping when its quiet and I can get everything I need without people pushing and everything being crowded!

    Tiffany x

  4. Love the positivity! It's always nice to be thankful no matter how big or small.

    Holly x

  5. I always feel like I've really hit the jackpot when the grocery shop manages to be nearly empty when I'm there. It really is one of life's little pleasures! x

  6. Happy new year! I love how you focus on the good bits of your working week. I start in about two weeks and I'm terrified!

    1. Haha well I have to find someway to distract myself from the bad bits!! Good luck! :D


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