Monday, 12 December 2016

Feeling Christmassy

 I barely even noticed December sneaking up on us, let alone the Christmas season! Settling in to my job, I felt as if I'd only just gotten past the sweltering heat of the hospital in late summer and now all of a sudden I'm writing December dates in all the notes.

As the start of December actually marked the transition in to my second rotation (goodbye gastroenterology, hello orthopaedics...), I was much more focused on this than on the fact that Christmas was approaching. 

Also - I'm really quite stubborn about not doing anything Christmassy until December hits!

A week of on-call work in a new job meant I hadn't been feeling very festive at all - in fact when carol singers came to the ward on Saturday afternoon, I was initially irritated at them interrupting my thought flow while trying to juggle writing discharge letters and managing any sick patients! 

However, I used my day off to get myself into the spirit of things. Mince pies, sparkly decorations and burning the gorgeous scented tealights from my PartyLite advent calendar. All accompanied with a Christmas soundtrack to really get myself in the mood.

I'm planning on heading home to my parents' for the week before Christmas so haven't gone all out on decorating my flat - just some fairy lights, flowers and some glittery decorations I picked up in Tesco. I've also left all my Christmas jumpers there, so it's just some reindeer socks for festive attire right now!

I'm already feeling much more excited for Christmas - now all I need is a bit more present-buying success because I am struggling this year!!

What have you been up to in order to get in the Christmas mood?

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  1. I've just come home after being on my nursing placement for the past 10 weeks and i'm so ready for the festive season! I held off on anything christmassy until I came home and now i've just gone a bit crazy! I love this time of year! xx

    Erin | Little Bateaux


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