Friday, 28 October 2016

Post Night Shift Self Care

It's already been a week since I finished my first full week of night shifts at the hospital. I've successfully gotten back into a normal daytime routine and I'm enjoying actually seeing some daylight again rather than forcing myself to sleep through it!

The nights themselves weren't too bad - we had a good team of people on and we were able to work steadily through the night seeing the patients referred to us by A&E. Nevertheless, I was very pleased when the sun came up on Friday morning and the clock ticked round to 8.30am... all that was left to do was present the patients to the consultant and then head home!

I felt that I deserved a bit of a post-nights treat so, after a four-hour recovery nap, I headed out to the shops for a few goodies :)

First things first. Fresh flowers. A bunch of autumnal blooms as a congratulations to myself! Fresh flowers in the flat always make me feel like I've got my life together - which is definitely the feeling you want to instill after having turned your life upside down for a week...

I spent the day  just relaxing, listening to the radio with some scented candles and enjoying my favourite Dutch Shortcake biscuits. 

And then to really feel revived and recovered, I bought a handful of face masks and tried out the 7th Heaven Tea Tree mask which promised to refresh tired skin - exactly what I was in need of. 

If I thought transition in to night shifts was hard, coming out of them again was something else! I'm hoping that with experience, it'll start to get easier - but making the effort to do nice things for myself definitely helped a lot.

How do you recover after a busy week at work, or a run of night shifts?


  1. Mmmm those biscuits are delicious!

  2. That sounds exhausting, but I hope you're recovering well. Those biscuits look pretty delicious indeed.

  3. Good on you for surviving your first week of nights! I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to them, but finishing up would definitely be a good feeling.

  4. Those treats look like the perfect pick me up temptations and its sounds like you've earned them :)

  5. It's always good to treat yourself (and very much deserved after a night shift in a hospital!). The flowers look so beautiful :)

  6. Fresh flowers are the best, there is something so lovely about have a big bright bouquet in the house.

    Cat | Lady Law Student


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