Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn Walking

I think autumn might be my favourite season.

Don't get me wrong, I love a long summer's day, warm sunshine and not carrying a coat - but there's jut something rather lovely about crisp evenings, wrapping up warm and an excuse for all the tasty autumn food.

It felt like we clung on to summer for a long while this year but the seasons did eventually tick over and autumn has arrived in all it's beauty.

Now I hate wasting a good day off. And although doing the laundry and mending a broken shower head was a pretty satisfying Sunday morning, it wasn't exactly all that fun. I couldn't ignore the bright sunshine streaming through the windows, so I packed my camera and set out for a solo stroll along the river. 

I'm loving my new location and the fact that it's so easy to wander down to the riverside footpath for an adventure. 

Having grown up in London, I always used to associate the River Thames with the city centre - a section that's bustling and beautiful in its own way, but worlds away from the peaceful setting it courses through further out west.

Red berries besides River Thames

I was not the only person out walking that afternoon - plenty of people were enjoying the scenery on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. 

Fresh air, autumn colours, a gentle breeze and sparkling sunshine. Autumn, you're pretty wonderful.

River Thames in October



  1. Oh wow, these photos are so beautiful! It looks so peaceful and nice for a walk.

  2. You took some lovely photos, they make me feel relaxed just looking at them and really capture the essence of Autumn!


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