Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Remember Me?!

Hello everyone, it's been a while hasn't it?

I've been settling in to a new job, a new city and a new flat and it's all been keeping me rather busy, with not a lot of spare time for blogging. But as I am beginning to feel more settled, my break has definitely made me realise I miss it.

I miss actually writing my blog, but more than that I miss the whole blogging world. I miss reading other blogs, and keeping up to date with other people on Twitter and Instagram.

As I started out my first few weeks as a new junior doctor, I went back to using my personal Twitter account, one with that connected me with lots of other medically-minded people. A gang of people who knew what I was going through and were there with advice and inspiration. 

But now I think I'm ready to come back out of my medical bubble. I need that something else to help me switch off from work and the hospital and give me a completely different focus. So while I won't be able to spend all day scrolling Twitter and Instagram (*sob*), I am going to try and get back into at least looking at them occasionally. And posts may be a little sporadic, but I'm keen to get typing and editing again!

So let's have a little catch up as a good starting point :)

How better to get back into blogging than with a close up of some scented candles?!

I've got today off, having worked eight days before that and it's been a very welcome day off! When I'm working, the rest of my life tends to get a little chaotic, so today has been a very satisfactory day of sorting out laundry, going to the bank and giving the kitchen a good scrub. I've also got my baking things out and whipped up a batch of Bakewell Tarts, one of my favourite bakes. 

It's little things like this that just make me feel better about everything. I feel so much more relaxed when the flat's clean and tidy and I've worked through my to-do list of little errands. I've also been able to get a much needed extra couple of hours sleep - being on-call over the weekend meant I felt a bit full of adrenaline by the end of each shift and that makes it so much harder to drop off to sleep in the evening.

I also made a bit of a spontaneous decision to have my hair cut today! I had planned on going clothes shopping, but was struggling to find anything I wanted. So determined to make my trip into the town centre a productive one, I sought out a hairdressers and had a bit of trim. Nothing drastic at all, just the usual tidy-up of my layers, but I love just refreshing my hairstyle :)

So that's what I'm up to with my mid-week 'weekend'... back to work tomorrow, but feeling much more relaxed and refreshed :)

Hope you are well and I look forward to getting back into blogging!



  1. Congrats on a new job and flat that's absolutely huge news!

    Abigail Alice x

  2. Ooooooh I LOVE Bakewell tarts but have never had a go at making them myself. Which recipe did you use?

    One of my best friends has just started as a junior doctor too and I know how busy she's been, so it must have been lovely to have a day off to bake and tidy ha ha.

    Katie xx lacoconoire.com

    1. They're actually really easy to make and so satisfying! I used a Mary Berry recipe and I've shared it before on here, so do have a look through my food posts for it :)
      Yes, it's definitely helpful to just have a day free!

  3. Welcome back! Your new flat looks lovely! And I am very jealous of your bakewell tarts! Stephie xx


  4. Hello! So glad you're back, but even more glad the doctoring is going well! Looking forward to a few more posts x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog


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