Friday, 29 July 2016

Two Years of Blogging

Two year blogging anniversary flatlay

It still amazes me that I can say I've been blogging over a year, let alone two years!

On Monday 25th July, it was officially two whole years since I put out the very first post on this blog - where on earth did that time go?!

Back then I was a third year medical student looking for something to fill the time at the end of the year and over the long summer. I had no idea that I'd keep this blog going, or the sheer number of things I'd learn.

I also didn't realise how many wonderful people blogging would put me in touch with, or how many of you would come and read the posts time and time again.

I didn't know that I'd be doing so much alongside simply publishing on the blog. Somewhere along the way I was picking up social media accounts left, right and centre - and now you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (occasionally anyway) and Pinterest. 

I've learned that blogging is something I love. Not just writing the posts or taking the photos, but actually interacting with  the blogging community. I've learned to really enjoy the satisfaction that comes with getting the best out of blog promotion. I actually find it sort of fun to check analytics and see how the hard work I put in turns into real numbers. And ok, they're comparatively small - but they are growing!

Two years of blogging on Ginevrella

And I'm proud of this blog. I might not shout about it much in real life (actually, I almost never mention it), but I've impressed myself by sticking with it this long and turning it into what it is today.

I want to celebrate this second blog anniversary, but I haven't quite decided how - so you'll just have to wait and see!

But for the mean time, I've decided to share some of my favourite posts from the past two years.

Posts I'm proud of

This has remained one of the most popular posts on my site ever since I published it. I wouldn't have got where I am today if it wasn't for the kind people who agreed to me observing their time in hospital or at the doctor's surgery, so this post was partly to thank them. I also wrote it to explain why medical students sit in and to hopefully relieve any worries you may have if you're asked if a student can be present.

There are no pretty photos and it's a little Christmassy in parts, but I liked the points behind this post on balancing living life with blogging about it.

Actually this is post I've been meaning to repeat at some point! I reckon we all search some pretty random things every day, so I collated a few from one week as a little insight into my thoughts...

This feels so long ago already as we had our ball before our electives. It was such a wonderful evening spent with some of my favourite people.

This was one of my favourite activities in Cape Town (although I have a long list of favourites)! It's a little bit too far away to go back, but I definitely want to do some more afternoon tea posts in the future.

The future...

So what's to come for Ginevrella? Hopefully a lot more still! I'm determined to keep the blog going despite having started full time work as a doctor. It's certainly a new challenge for me, especially as I've had months of free time to spend on it until recently. I'm sure working full time will affect the blog and what I can dedicate to it, but stick with me while I figure it all out.

Two years of blogging - plant pot and pink flowers on desk

Oh and by the way...

As I've only just been blogging for two years I still qualify in the 'Best New Blogger on the Block' category in the Bloggers Blog Awards. So you know, if you've still not nominated and fancied celebrating my blog anniversary, a little vote would be wonderful :)

Also - I'm thinking of maybe doing a little giveaway to celebrate! I haven't decided what just yet, and I want to make sure 'life etc.' settles down a bit beforehand but do stick around :)




  1. Congratulations on your two year blogiversary (not sure that's a word but hey ho).
    Lady Law Student - Pay Day Treats

  2. A very merry bloggy birthday to you, it's such a sense of achievement isn't it?
    Sending you lots of happy vibes for many more years
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Woo congrats lovely!! 2 years is a total achievement - looking forward to many more posts!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. Eeek congratulations! Here's to the next two years! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  5. Congrats! Excited to keep following your blog as you start working as a doctor :) I start next year and I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up, but I play to try!

    Jane / deluminators

  6. Congratulations!!! Well done on persevering with it despite the studying AND for writing such interesting content despite busyness!!
    I will try to remember to come back and give you a follow and a vote when I'm on my computer, not sure how to do that on my Jurassic phone.
    The good thing about a blog is it can always be there AND people ARE loyal so even if you become super busy and can't post, you will still have both an audience and of course, the blog. I've been blogging 11 and 1/4 years now and went through 2years of PGCE training and being a harassed newly qualified teacher but the blog was still there no matter how sporadically I posted!

    1. I'm glad to hear you kept your blog going even when things got busy! And I would LOVE for you to follow and vote - thank you for your comments today! :)


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