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Should You Edit Old Blog Posts?

Should you edit old blog posts? Blogging tips on Ginevrella Lifestyle Blog

This is something I got discussing in a recent Twitter chat - "Should you edit and update old blog posts?"

Previously, I'd always said I wouldn't.

I liked seeing how my blog has grown and thought that having my progression there for all to see was a good way to show where I'd come from and be a more 'authentic' blogger.

But then I got all enthusiastic about my blog. I wanted to put in a little more effort and reap a little more reward. More traffic, more followers, more satisfaction.

And what really got me inspired was having one last big attempt at getting to grips with Pinterest. Tidying up my boards, I realised that pins to my old posts just weren't especially eye-catching. They didn't tempt me in - so why would anyone else want to click on them?!

It seemed a shame to let all that old content go to waste, when actually some of it was still viable. I had a few recipe and blog tips posts that were still relevant, but desperately in need of a facelift and a little TLC.

So I picked out the ones that I thought could be recycled and spruced them up. A new pinnable picture, refreshed title pictures if they needed it, checking the image formatting and, my real bugbear, fixing up the alt tags!

It wasn't a huge amount of work. I took a brand new photo for a single post, but made do with what I had for the rest. (I wasn't going to re-do all my recipes!)

Bringing them up to standard means that I feel proud of them again. I want to share them, rather than leave them hidden away, embarrassing memories in my archive. If I get low on new content, I've got plenty of 'evergreen' posts that can be pulled out of storage and shared back into the limelight.

Updated posts I'm excited to share again!

Should I rewrite old blog posts?

I didn't rewrite the posts. Partly because it was time and effort I could spend on new posts, but also because this wasn't the biggest weakness (in my opinion, anyway). I still want my blog to reflect a journey, but I also want to maximise the potential of old content.

Do I need to update all of my old blog posts?

Now I haven't gone through all of my old posts. Some of them are pretty time-specific and I wouldn't expect them to stay current. While I personally love going back through my 'Little Things I've Loved' posts, I recognise that they simply share little snaps of my life and aren't necessarily what other people are looking for! That's why I've focused on editing posts that offer advice or instructions - such as my recipe posts.

Updating Old Blog Posts on Ginevrella Lifestyle Blog

 Seven ways to update a old blog post:

  1. Add a new first picture - this is what shows up on your blog if you have 'popular posts' or 'related posts' widgets, so make sure it's eye-catching and appealing!
  2. Add a title picture/ pinnable graphic - I like to include a big, vertical image with text that can be used when sharing your post on social media such as Pinterest or Twitter.
  3. Check the ALT TAGS on your images - writing quality alt-tags was something I got into very late on, so many of my older posts simply haven't got them! When I'm updating old content, I make sure to sort this out.
  4. Make sure the formatting works with your current blog layout. My most recent blog themes have all included code to resize my blog images to the full width of the post, but lots of my old posts have images as 'x-large' rather than original size. I've corrected this on the posts I've updated, as well as checking for extra line breaks that shouldn't be there.
  5. Correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. We're all human and we all slip up on these things now and again. But going back and rereading old posts is the perfect time to pick up any little errors.
  6. Make sure you've been using keywords in order to improve the SEO. When I started out blogging, I had no idea what SEO was - now I've learned a lot! While I said I wouldn't rewrite old posts, I did go through and made sure I included keywords where possible, for example using place names rather than just 'here/ there'.
  7. Remove any broken links. Check that the links in the post still work - otherwise remove them. It can be a huge (but worthwhile) effort doing this for your entire blog, but if you're updating the post anyway you might as well!

So, in answer to the question - should you edit your old blog posts? - I say yes! Give them a little refresh, bring them up to your current standard and enjoy having a whole heap of content ready and waiting to be shared again.

Should You Edit Old Blog Posts? Reasons to update old blog content on Ginevrella

What do you think - would you edit your old blog posts?



  1. I occasionally edit some if I think the grammar is wrong or picture is a little outdated! Great post.

    Anika |

  2. didn't even think to do this!

  3. I desperately need to go back and sort out old posts - mainly because half the images seen to have disappeared! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. How annoying! I've found a few things like that due to updating my theme and layout a few times x


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