Tuesday, 26 July 2016

New Flat Chat

Just me that's enjoying the rhyming title?! Must be that poetry event I enjoyed last week...

I've loved having pretty much all of this month free to work on the blog and get writing all kinds of content, from recipes to travel, even a few blog tips!

But now I thought it would be nice to have a chatty kind of post. A little update and catch up. So now that I'm in my new flat, the internet's working and I've got a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit (or four) to hand, I'm all ready!

New Flat Chat title post, decorative flowers and bananas

Way back in March I got the exciting news that I'd be starting working later in the year as a doctor. Now apparently someone pushed the fast-forward button shortly after that, because 'later in the year' suddenly became now.

And the new job also meant a new city and another new flat.

(I'm really looking forward to the day I can finally say I've got a permanent home rather than moving every year, not including all the medical school placements I did...)

I picked up the keys on Saturday afternoon and spent the weekend moving in all my things - I'm not entirely sure how I ever fitted it all into my bedroom at home actually!

Recipe books on shelves

Then Monday night I properly moved in and set about unpacking all that stuff. My priorities were making sure the bed was ready... meanwhile my sister thought it essential that my clothes hung in rainbow order. It looks nice I guess!

The best bit about a new flat though, is the homeware shopping. I'm not much of a clothes shopper - I enjoy it for an hour or so before getting bored, but I can homeware shop for days! (In fact, that's exactly what I've been doing).

I've been taking inspiration from Pinterest and trying to create a nice pink-and-grey scheme for my bedroom - cue hours spent wandering round department store cushion displays. Turns out pink cushions are actually really hard to find. No worries though, I persevered and managed to track one down...

Pink and grey bedroom decor

I also picked up loads of new kitchen goodies, from shiny cutlery to new pans and a decent set of knives all from Homesense. Now that I've got my own place again, rather than living at home, I've got all the excuses for wandering round the shop and actually buying things! Including a round drying rack. Why do I keep moving into flat with circular draining boards?! I actually made the conscious decision to leave the circular rack in my last flat because it was so hard to find one, I assumed they weren't very common so I wouldn't need one again. OOPS. Luckily I know exactly where they come from now :)

Now I wish I could say the whole moving-in process went smoothly - but we had one little hiccup in the way of the internet. The hub arrived, as promised, and the instructions seemed perfectly simple. I set it all up and waited for it to work. Except, it didn't. Probably just the normal teething problems you get at the start, I thought, and decided to go to bed and try it again in the morning. It still wasn't working though so I followed all the steps to try and get it sorted. Nothing. So I went shopping and killed a few hours buying duvet covers and such. AND IT STILL WASN'T WORKING!

I wondered if I was being a bit impatient, but the troubleshooting card did say to call if it wasn't working by midnight on the day of installation. And it was definitely after midnight by now. So I called up BT and couldn't make their voice recognition system work. Or recall my landline number (because, er, apparently I've got one of those now. No phone though haha). And I couldn't work my mobile fast enough for their automated system so it just kind of did its own thing and put me through to a queue. Annoying. I opted to be called back within the hour, rather than wait on the phone and settled down for an hour of daytime TV (no internet, you see).

And an hour passed with no call back. So I phoned again (definitely being impatient now, but I wanted it sorted!!). Weirdly, I got through pretty much straight away this time and after a bit of switching the box on and off in various ways, we established it was definitely not working and they'd have to send out an engineer. Which I was told could take up to three working days.

I hung up feeling so frustrated - what was I going to do without internet for three days? I think by this point I'd really just had enough. And was hungry, because my grocery delivery wasn't due for another hour and the nutritional content of my kitchen was currently vegetable soup and a packet of cacao nibs (yes I know that's weird. Obvs didn't eat them together). And tired, because you know how you never sleep well the first time somewhere new?

Anyway, feeling pretty rubbish and bored I sat down with the daytime TV again. And honestly, about half an hour later, the doorbell rings. Which is weird because the grocery delivery isn't for another twenty minutes and they're never early. Nope, it was the BT engineer! Pretty sure I thought I was just hallucinating from hunger by this point. But anyway, the lovely BT lady got my internet all fixed up and my day improved about a zillion percent. I can actually cope without internet normally, but when you've just moved in and you want to be able to check emails and download an inventory and just feel at home - it kind of matters.

Pink flowers in kitchen

Yeah, sorry for that probably pretty dull story about internet woes. I'll be back with fun blog content soon I promise!

Basically though, I'm actually really happy in my new flat. I've finally got everything unpacked and layed out in a way I like. The groceries also arrived so I no longer have bare cupboards. The flat already had quite a lot of furniture, plus loads of random decorations that I've got to somehow accommodate, but it's all kind of fun. And now I have internet I can blog aaaaallll about it :D Once I've got things properly, properly sorted I'm thinking of doing some room-tour type posts - because who doesn't love a bit of nosey home inspiration?!

And now the cup of tea and chocolate biscuits are all gone, so I really ought to wrap this up. Thanks for reading if you actually stuck with me through all that! Anyone else recently moved or moving soon? If you're blogging about it, link me up because home posts are my new faves!



  1. That flat looks lovely! Internet woes is just the absolute worse so I'm glad you got it sorted out quickly!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. I just moved to a new place too and can totally relate to this! I've loved moving into my own place and having plenty of room for all my stuff rather than trying to cram it all in my room. I'm also hoping that I'll be able to find a job in this area after my internship so I don't have to move every year - I'd love to not have to box everything up after 6 months! Glad you got your wifi situation worked out - it is so frustrating to not have it when you're brand new to an area!

    - Courtney

  3. I am soo happy for you. wishing you a happy stay. Enjoy every bit of your new everonment. Stay bless

  4. I am soo happy for you. wishing you a happy stay. Enjoy every bit of your new everonment. Stay bless

  5. Congratulations on settling in and good luck on a new start! I'm moving across the country at the end of the week and am definitely not looking forward to the packing/unpacking process.

  6. So exciting! It's looking cosy from what I can see. Not having internet is the worst, glad you got that sorted out.

  7. Ooh, would love some room tour posts - it looks lovely from these photos! We'll be moving at the end of August and I am SO exited! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  8. I'm loving your colour scheme for the bedroom! I'd love to have a full tour �� Haha I've actually never heard of anyone getting their internet to work nice and smooth the first time round!

    The only moving I'll be doing will be between uni rooms in the autumn so not too much scope for realising my interior design cravings there... But I'm hoping to head off to a huge housing and interior design exhibition later this week which should provide so much blogging material! Xx

    Anna @ wishiwasmary.wordpress.com


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