Sunday, 31 July 2016

Little Things I've Loved This Week #33

Little things I've loved flatlay on Ginevrella
It's been a bit of funny week this one - tricky to keep track of the days! I moved in to my new flat on Monday, then spent Tuesday and Wednesday unpacking, shopping for bits and pieces and getting the flat laid out how I wanted it. Then Thursday and Friday were two days of induction at the hospital, meeting all my lovely new colleagues, hearing top tips from the current FY1 doctors and making sure our skills on resuscitation are up to scratch. Overall it's all been quite exciting - although I'll probably be less excited and more nervous by the time Wednesday rolls around and I'm actually working!

So here are the little things that I've enjoyed this week :)

A bit of GBBO appreciation for my post reviewing Martha Collison's new recipe book Twist. Not only did I get lots of lovely comments from you, my readers, but I also got a tweet from Martha to say thank you, and Mat Riley liked my tweet about the post too :) It's probably really sad to consider this something worth mentioning as a highlight of the week, but it made me happy!

Picking up my ID badge with 'FY1 Doctor' on it in place of 'Medical Student'. Ok, it means way more responsibility and expectation, but it's these little things that remind me just how far I've come since getting that place at medical school five years ago.

Laughing at Saffy's rubbish attempts at being a pigeon-scarer. On Monday evening my sister scattered some bread at the end of the garden for the smaller birds and tried to get our dog to act as a bird-scarer and keep the big pigeons away. Unfortunately Saffy was pretty terrible - firstly she wanted to do the job from bed, just by barking out the window. Then when she did head outside, she kept getting distracted, trying to eat and bury all the bread for herself! The working dog life is not for her...

Mini pots of rice pudding that came as a substitution on my grocery delivery. I made a big order ready for moving in to the new place and decided to buy a couple of tins of rice pudding to have in as a sort of comforting treat. It's not something I eat regularly, but sometimes it's just the thing! Turns out Tesco didn't have two tins of the stuff (who is buying it all?!?!), but they did give me eight mini pots instead which are actually a much better idea. Yum :)

Little things I've loved - mini rice pudding pots

Homeware shopping. It's fast becoming one of my favourite activities - although I've since downgraded to just window shopping until I get my first paycheck - and I've loved spending the start of the week picking up new furnishing and kitchenware.

Little things I've loved this week - homeware, pink and grey bedroom
Little things I've loved, pink peonies in vase

Yummy banana flapjacks that are deliciously soft and very more-ish. Luckily for you, I'm sharing the recipe here next week! They've been delicious as a snack to take with me during the day, or with a cup of tea in the evening.

Little things I've loved - fruity banana flapjacks

What have been the best bits of your week?



  1. Replies
    1. I think I'm going to end up eating it far more regularly now, hot with a spoonful or two of jam! x

  2. Oh those little rice pud pots are my favourite things ever! I'm really craving them now haha. The flapjacks look divine, can't wait for the recipe! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

    1. I didn't realise other people liked rice pudding so much! I'm looking forward to sharing the flapjack recipe :) x

  3. Ohh mini rice puddings is genius! Such a good idea for those evenings when I want a bit of a warm dessert rather than a yoghurt!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. They're brilliant aren't they?! So much better than an entire can which is like a meal in itself haha! x

  4. Your photographs are stunning! Such a lovely round up of things you've loved this week :) x

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  6. Homeware shopping is my favourite kind of shopping! Although I can only window shop at the minute too! I'm looking forward to seeing the recipe post too :)


  7. Congrats on moving up in the med world! That would be super exciting and so would getting a tweet from an author! That's pretty huge in my books too.


  8. What a great list! I came over from your interview on Ellie's blog which I enjoyed. Well done on graduating and your first job. Medicine is a long slog in terms of studying but worth it! My friend went through it all and is now a year into her GP training programme.


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