Friday, 1 July 2016

Exploring Budapest - Day 2

Exploring Budapest, Church

For our second day in Budapest, we decided to spend the morning exploring the Pest side of the city, wandering through the streets around our apartment, and to visit the famous Turkish Baths for the afternoon. 

Although we may not have been blessed with glorious sunshine for the day, we didn't let a few clouds get in the way of our adventures and headed out early in the morning, map in hand.

We had no firm plan of exactly where we wanted to go in the morning, having covered most of the main sites the day before, so we returned to our favoured method of simply walking wherever looked the nicest.

Front of Church in Budapest

Street and decorated building in Budapest
 Shopping Street in Budapest

Bibliotheca Scientiarum Universitatis Hungaricae in Budapest
Building in Budapest As we would be leaving very early the next morning, we decided it would be sensible to pick up our train tickets while we were out and so we stopped off at the Budapest Keleti train station. For a train station it's really rather ornate! (I'm afraid it was pretty rainy at the time though, so sorry for lack of photograph...)

Having done lots of walking the day before, it was decided that we could probably afford ourselves a little more relaxation this time so we settled down in a coffee shop for lattes and a slice of something chocolaty!

Latte art in coffee shop in Budapest

After continuing to walk for a little while, we came across the Central Market Hall, another fabulous building with the tiled rooves I loved in Budapest. A bustling market of stalls crammed high with fruits, vegetables, meats, clothes and souvenirs, we enjoyed taking it all in as we wandered through the crowds.

Budapest Central Market building
Inside Budapest Central Market Hall
Food and souvenirs for sale inside Central Market Hall Budapest

Determined to have a nicer lunch this time, we then began to wander back home in search of a hummus bar we'd spotted in the morning. In hindsight we probably should have taken better notice of where it was though as we never did find it again! Luckily Budapest has a few scattered around, and we found another one very close to our apartment. Selecting bowls filled with hummus and salad, served with fresh, warm pittas we ate until full before setting off for our afternoon adventure.

Bowl of hummus and falafel in Budapest

Moving away from the river, we walked towards the City Park of Budapest, trying not to get lost as we consulted the tiny roads and footpaths printed on our map! We were looking out for Vajdahunyad Castle, another fairytale castle lookalike building in the middle of the park. Eventually we found our way, and sure enough there was a lovely looking castle right in front of us!

Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest

Highly recommended by anyone who'd visited Budapest before us were the Medicinal Baths. There are a number of the in Budapest so we selected the Szechenyi Baths, the largest and the one suggested to see if you're only in Budapest for a short time.

The huge, yellow building was beautifully ornate and the whole place was stunning to look at. We bought tickets for entrance to the thermal pools and use of lockers and made our way out to the pools. There are a wide range of pools and baths at varying tempatures and served by two thermal springs. Also available are a number of steam rooms and saunas, all set in the fabulous buildings. Admittedly we didn't spend very long at the baths, but on a warm day it would be lovely to sit out by the pools for an afternoon! 

Szechenyi Thermal Baths Spa in Budapest

Bikes outside Szechenyi Spa Thermal Baths in Budapest

We finished off our day in Budapest by walking home along Andrássy Street, with yet more beautiful buildings to admire... (and an awful lot of stag parties on 'Beer Buses' to ignore).

We didn't quite beat the rain home, but it did at least stop raining by the time we headed back out for dinner. Staying in the Jewish Quarter, we were spoilt for choice with restaurants all around us and we wandered about studying menus for a little while. Eventually we spotted Mazel Tov, a beautifully set up restaurant serving delicious Middle Eastern food. With tables set out around trees and all surrounded with fairy lights, it was airy and atmospheric -  a beautiful place to finish off our time in Budapest.

Middle Eastern dishes at Mazel Tov Restaurant in Budapest
Mazel Tov Ruins Bar and Restaurant in Budapest
Mazel Tov Ruins Bar and Restaurant in Budapest 

Have you been to Budapest? 


  1. The baths and the courtyard are so beautiful! My sister traveled to Budapest in the springtime and loved the city.

    1. It's a wonderful city, I can see why she loved it :)

  2. I love just walking and seeing what we come across. I love European food halls/markets like that! Gosh, all the food just looks so good.

    1. Yes, I could send ages wandering around a market!

  3. Budapest is definitely on my travel bucket list. I had no idea it was so pretty!

    It sounds like you had a lovely trip. :)

    1. It's a beautiful place and I didn't really know that either - it's only that so many friends have been that I thought there must be something special about it!

  4. Love reading these travel blogposts! I am going to Dubrovnik and Budapest very soon so it has been very helpful :)

    Kate xxx

    The Medic Journal

    1. Have a wonderful time! I really want to go to Dubrovnik at some point :) x


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