Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ascott House & Gardens, Buckinghamshire

Ascott House and Gardens in Buckinghamshire

At some point in my life I reached the age where I actually rather enjoy a trip to a National Trust property.

Actually, I've kind of always had a thing for wandering around a beautiful house and gardens, imaging what it would be like to have as my own home.

Sadly I don't think I'm ever going to realise this dream of owning a historic mansion with endless manicured gardens.

Unless perhaps I start playing (and winning) the lottery...

Luckily though there are plenty of beautiful properties open to the public and on a sunny Sunday afternoon we took a drive out to the hamlet of Ascott in Buckinghamshire to take a look at Ascott House and Gardens.

Ascott House Buckinghamshire

It was a beautiful day, with glorious sunshine - just the kind of afternoon for a stroll in the gardens. (This is what I would do if I owned a big place like this. Stroll in the gardens all the time.)

Back of Ascott House
Ascott House

The Ascott House is a stunning building, apparently having gone through many renovations since it's original building in the 1600s. The black and white Tudor style looks especially stunning against the greenery, eye catching in the bright light.

We could have ventured inside the house too, but decided to save that for another, less gloriously summery day.

So we wandered, and photographed and drank in the views...

View of Buckinghamshire Countryside from Ascott House

The gardens at Ascott House are delightful. Full of colourful flowers, busy bees and immaculate lawns.

Rose in the Ascott Gardens
White Foxglove in Ascott Gardens
Purple Flowers in Gardens at Ascott Park
Pink Foxglove flowers at Ascott House and Gardens

And with not even the slightest breeze, the water was so perfectly still that it reflected the blue skies just like a mirror.

Lily Pond at Ascott Gardens
Ascott Lily Pond

Lynn Garden at Ascott

What was especially lovely about the gardens at Ascott House is that they weren't overrun with visitors. Even on a warm Sunday afternoon it was peaceful, with just a few people wandering around. Enough for a bit of life, but not so many you couldn't appreciate the beauty without there being people all over the place!

Eros Fountain in Dutch Garden at Ascott National Trust

Madeira Walk at Ascott National Trust
Fountain at Ascott
Flowers by the Lily Pond at Ascott House
Lavender at Ascott

And we finished it all up with a pot of tea and a slice of cake in the Pavilion Tea Room. Because I believe that is the done thing on a National Trust visit, no?

Have you visited Ascott House? Any other suggestions of places to visit?




  1. Such stunning photos! It's such a beautiful place, must visit it soon.


  2. I love ascott house! We visited a few years ago, but it makes me so sad that you can't take photos inside haha! I got told off for even holding my phone!
    xo April | April Everyday


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