Monday, 11 July 2016

10 Happy Things + The Happiness Link Up

Ten Happy Things and the Happiness Link Up on Ginevrella

I'm bringing you back-to-back happiness on the blog today - a double dose of positivity!

One of my favourite bloggers, Jasmin Charlotte, has been running a fabulous little link-up for all your happy posts and I'm delighted to be co-hosting this one with her. Make sure to head over to her blog and check out what happy things she's got to share! 

It's a great way to discover new blogs, share the positivity and simply see all that is good in the world.

So here we go - ten happy things from the past couple of weeks:

Ten Happy Things on Ginevrella

1. Hitting blogging milestones. I've been trying to make the most of my free time by throwing myself into my blog and social media accounts and I think it's been paying off. After hovering around the 240's, I finally achieved 250 Bloglovin' followers recently. It might be a small number compared to other bloggers, but it still feels good!

2. Summer gardens. With my free time this summer, I've gone a couple of trips to some gorgeous National Trust properties and spent a few hours roaming their gardens, camera in hand. I've loved the bright and beautiful flowers blooming all over the place!

Ten Happy Things and the happiness link up - Summer Gardens

3. Taskmaster on Dave. Not just happy, but hilarious. I'll admit to having a pretty childish sense of humour at times, but this comedy show appeals to it very well and I've definitely caught myself LOLing at it on occasion. My sister and I have been catching up on old episodes - certainly worth a watch!

4. Fruit smoothies. I've really enjoyed throwing in all the fruit recently to create some delicious smoothies for a healthy yet sweet kick in the mornings. I'd love to try and be a bit more adventurous with them, but I'm happy for now just grabbing whatever fruit happens to be in the fridge!

5. Walkies with Saffy. She's kind of cute to walk anyway, but I've been heading out with treats in pocket for the first time in a long while, in hope of improving her recall. It's just so sweet to see her bouncing along by my feet in hope of something tasty!

Ten Happy Things and Happiness Link Up - Walkies With Saffy

6. A no-fuss blog update. If you're a regular reader, you may have noticed that Ginevrella is looking a little smarter, thanks to a Pipdig template. Until now I've always done all my blog customisation myself - which is satisfying, but usually takes me all day, about a hundred tabs open with tutorials and a fair bit of frustration! So investing in a professionally made template was a great choice and it's really made me happy to see my blog finally looking a bit more polished.

7. Homemade cream tea. My sister baked a batch of fruit scones and served them up with clotted cream and jam. Delicious, indulgent - and I didn't even need to leave the house!

Ten Happy Things and the Happiness Link Up, Cream Tea

8. Finding a new favourite Thai dish. HELLO vegetable panang curry! I always used to opt for the sweet and sour stir fry, but this creamy curry is delish. I like it so much that I might have ordered it three times in two weeks...

9. The Sheperd's Life audiobook. I really like this audio version of James Rebanks account of sheperding in the Lake District. While it doesn't make me want to be be a shepherd, it does make me dream of spending time in the beautiful English countryside. I find this a really relaxing listen, and it's taken me months to finish because it sends me to sleep, but in a good way!

10. Posts I've loved this week
11 Ways Blogging Makes Me a Better Person on The Style Shake
Blogging Tips Straight From the Experts on Robowecop
Paradise on Pull Yourself Together (in fact, just all of Hannah's Fiji posts!)

(A little bonus thing I've loved - the return of The Bloggers' Blog Awards. It's great to celebrate how much work we all put into our blogs. If you fancy nominating me for New Blogger on the Block or Lifestyle Blog, it would be a HUGE happy thing!)

Now over to you!

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  1. Loving the layout and the beaut pictures as well, especially of the National Trust park.


  2. I love the layout plus hitting blog milestones is the best! Homemade cakes are the bomb too x

  3. This is so lovely! Such a great post to share with others and it's already made me happy knowing what's made you happy and it's so nice of you to allow other to link their happy post!

    Thanks for sharing and stay happy!

    Jessica & James☺️💓

    1. Thank you :) This is why I like these posts - other people's happiness is infectious! x

  4. Lovely post idea. This has made me smile a lot. I love the look of that cream tea too! Congrats on hitting 250 followers on Bloglovin' too. I am no where near that, so I can only imagine how amazing that feels. Well done.

    Steph xx

    1. I'm glad you like it, Steph :) The cream tea tasted just as good as it looks! Thank you - it's taken a while and a lot of patience to get to 250 :D x

  5. Saffy is just adorable, what a sweetheart! I definitely agree that summer gardens are amazing as well, when the weather is sunny enough to allow us to enjoy them, of course! Congrats on reaching your BL milestone, you deserve all the followers!

    Abbey ✨

    1. She's building up a lot of fans! Yes, gardens are best in the sunshine! Thank you Abbey!! :)

  6. This is such a lovely post! So nice to see happy posts every once in a while Xx

    1. I agree - happy posts are great! Thanks for sharing yours :) x

  7. Haha Saffy is a nickname of mine because my middle name is Safoah ! I spell mine Saffie : ) I love how you are celebrating a blog update! It always feels good when your projects are a little more representative of who you are!! All the best!


    1. Haha that's great - and what a lovely middle name! Yes I always feel like a blog update helps me stay on track with my blog :) x

  8. This is such a lovely post - how stunning are those gardens?! It's so nice to see happy posts :) xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

    1. I'm glad you liked it - I love thinking up all the happy things! x


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