Wednesday, 22 June 2016

What makes a successful blog?

It's coming up to two years since I first began this blog and I amaze myself that I'm still publishing posts after this time!

Not only am I still writing though; I've been on a constant mission to improve and refine my blog, with tweaking the layout design, playing around with photos, trying out new content ideas and learning as much as I can about the 'behind-the-scenes' work of promotion and SEO.

'Blogger Envy' is a much talked about concept, and with the number of successful blogs out there it's easy to see why. 

But I like think I'm usually a pretty level-headed person and try to accept that there will always be people with better blogs than mine for any number of reasons - whether they have more time, better background knowledge or quite simply are just more talented than me! 

And this is why I think not in terms of 'blogger envy', but 'blogger admiration'.  I enjoy trying to better my blog and I'm constantly looking for inspiration from the blogs around me, seeing what they're doing to make a successful blog. I try to consider just what it is that works so well, and using this insight to make changes to my own blog.

So here are the blogs I turn to when I'm in need of inspiration. The blogs I open up immediately when I'm thinking of trying something new. Blogs that draw me back day after day, and the reasons why they do just that...

Keys to a successful blog:

Cider With Rosie - For a lifestyle that feels attainable

How to have a successful blog, Cider With Rosie
 As well as quite possibly being my most favourite blog design, Rosie's blog captures me because her beautiful life doesn't feel too stretched from 'reality'. Ok, she's recently married, pregnant, has two gorgeous dogs and a pretty countryside home so may not currently be living a life much like mine, but she still comes across as down-to-earth, with homely blog posts that are a joy to follow. I love her blog because she seems like a normal person, who just happens to have a way with words that captures the beauty of everyday life.

Jasmin Charlotte - For posts that are useful

How to have a successful blog, Jasmin Charlotte

Jasmin's writing style is brilliant and all her posts seem to come from an angle of being informative while still full of the little, personal details that make blogs stand out from your typical 'how-to' articles. Nearly every post serves a purpose - whether that's explaining the technical tips and tricks of blogging, offering suggestions for podcasts to listen to or pointing out the best way to explore a city. They're the kind of posts that you want to save, because they all feel like they'll come in useful some day! 

Pull Yourself Together - For blogging anything and everything
How to have a successful blog, Pull Yourself Together

Hannah's a medical student so her blog feels pretty close to home for me a lot of the time, and this is what makes me ready almost every single post. I admire Hannah's commitment to daily blogging. I enjoy the variety of her blog - posting diary-style life updates, outfits, honest mental health accounts, product reviews and everything inbetween! Not limiting herself to any one thing in particular means her posts are always new and interesting - and this is why I feel that I can't afford to miss one!

Little Miss Katy - For having a fabulous Instagram

How to have a successful blog, Little Miss Katy

Having a great blog is good start, but having great social media accounts to go with it is even better! Katy's instagram grid is so bright and colourful and happy that you can't help being drawn in and wanting to know more about her. Improving my Instagram has been one of my big projects recently in order to try and drive more traffic and followers to my blog, and I've spent a lot of time scrolling through Katy's photos trying to figure out just what I find so captivating - angles, colours, layouts. 

Hello Miss Jordan - For keeping it simple
How to have a successful blog, Hello Miss Jordan

I love the simplicity of Jordan's blog design - white with lots of pink accents that tie in perfectly with her blog photography. Jordan sticks to what she knows, while still keeping her blog and instagram fresh and varied. I'd recognise her blog anywhere - and that's a pretty good marker of success in my books.

Handbags and Cupcakes - For a distinctive writing style
How to have a successful blog, Handbags and Cupcakes

I've been reading Rachel's blog for aaaages. And in that time she's done a lot - travelling, baking, year-abroading, graduating and working her way through all the afternoon teas the world has to offer. What makes her blog so successful in my view is that her writing style is so recognisable. Chatty, friendly and spattered with French, German and made-up words and phrases it couldn't be anyone else's! Rachel comes across so genuine and describes things so well, it sometimes feels like she's personally taken you out for the scones and champagne she writes about so eloquently!

What I've realised from this is that there is no single formula for a 'successful' blog. What makes each of these blogs work is that they are all different, they're all unique. And that's what makes me come back to them - I simply can't find what they have anywhere else.

Successful blogging, what makes a blog successful?

I'd also like to point out that of course the success of these blogs is down to a lot more than the single thing I've picked out for each one! These ladies all work incredibly hard at their blogs and that's what really counts :)

Which blogs do you admire?


  1. Ironically, I actually follow most of the ones you've mentioned so definitely must agree haha! xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  2. Lovely blogpost. Great way to see your favourite bloggers so we can also check them out.
    Thanks for the suggestions xxx

  3. What a bunch of babes! I've seen Katy's Instagramming in action and she puts SO much work into it - definitely pays off!

    Milly | Mini Adventures

  4. Jasmin, Katy and Rosie are some of my favourites!

  5. Thanks for the blog loaded with so many information about a successful blog as well as a Blogger. Stopping by your blog helped me to get what I was looking for.


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