Sunday, 5 June 2016

Holiday Shopping

An upcoming holiday calls for a little shopping spree, am I right?

That said, I'm not actually the biggest fan of shopping trips, which is why I only got these few things today - the day before I fly...

I'm really looking forward to spending a few days travelling with two good friends from uni, sampling all the best things Milan, Budapest and a few destinations in Croatia have to offer. I'm also really excited to meet them both at the airport - I haven't seen either of them for nearly three months!

I stocked up on summer clothes and swimwear before my elective in Cape Town so I didn't need very much extra for this holiday, and the girls have informed me (and provided photographic evidence) of just how many toiletries they've got with them already, so didn't need to get anymore of those either!

I did pick up a few things today though. Firstly a bit of plane reading: Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole, a book I've been meaning to read for a while. I've recently read a couple of books based around cases in neurology and psychiatry, and this is similar. Written by a neurologist, it's a series of accounts of "when the brain goes wrong" and hopefully an interesting read.

Next, shoes. I've had a pair of very hard-wearing sandals for years now and haven't found another pair I like enough to replace them. They're comfy and ideal for summer, but the buckles and straps make them not so ideal for the beach. I bought a pair of silver beaded flip-flops from Oasis that will hopefully be a bit more suitable, should I find myself somewhere sandy!

Finally I bought this chambray shirt from M&S. It's made of a really soft cotton and as my wardrobe pretty much consists of blue and/ or stripy clothes, I should have no trouble finding outfits to go with it! I thought it would be great for wearing on the plane as it's casual, comfortable yet still stylish - I am heading to Milan after all!

I've got a couple more South Africa blog posts lined up for the start of next week, then depending on time/ wifi etc.etc. I'll either be blogging this holiday as I go, or saving it all up for when I get home. But make sure you're following me on instagram (@ginevrella_blog) because I'll definitely be sharing a few snaps as we go :)




  1. I hope you have the best trip, it sounds like a lot of fun!
    I love the shirt, it's so classic and will go with everything! xx

  2. Enjoy your trip! A lightweight cotton shirt seems like a great staple for warm weather travels

  3. Ohh the trip will be so nice, Croatia is gorgeous - you'll love it!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. Love the look of that chambray shirt! Have an AMAZING time!


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