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Cape Town's Best Food Market - Neighbour Goods Market

Neighbour Goods Market Cape Town
Neighbour Goods Market, Old Biscuit Mill
Neighbour Goods Market, Cape Town

My final South Africa post, and I feel I've saved something rather special for last.

The Neighbour Goods Market at Old Biscuit Mill (fondly known as OBM) became something of a weekly ritual during our time in Cape Town.

Every Saturday began with a trip to this incredible market for brunch and a browse of the stalls. The Neighbour Goods Market is all about local produce and there was a wonderful selection of food, homemade products, plants and gifts.

It was almost legendary amongst the medical students. Most things that we did during the trip were recommendations from the other international students who had arrived before us and were passing on their local knowledge. And everyone spoke very high of Saturday brunch at the Old Biscuit Mill indeed!

The market is beautifully arranged, with rows of decorated stalls, long central tables, hanging flowers and candles - it's an Instagrammer's dream! Complete with live music, it has a wonderful, friendly atmosphere. The perfect thing for a weekend foodie feast.

Neighbour Goods Market, Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town

With two huge tents of street food, there is plenty of choice of things to eat, and the best way to start off a trip is to a couple of circuits to assess the spread. Word of warning - this is not the place for the indecisive if you're only visiting once!

Three course breakfast became a thing here, washed down with any of the delicious drinks on offer. 

Visiting weekly, I quickly developed a bit of a routine to the whole affair and I'll share it with you know now, should you find yourself here (and I hope you do)...

Stalls at Neighbour Goods Market
First things first - grab a drink. Take your pick from fresh coffee, iced rooibos tea, thick yoghurt smoothies, milkshakes or a chilled juice. White chocolate and oreo milkshake was one of my favourites, closely followed by a minty lemonade (which only slightly felt like drinking a mojito).

Neighbour Goods Market Rooibos Iced Tea

Drinks at Old Biscuit Mill
Then sort yourself out a starter. The mac 'n' cheese balls are not to be missed - some say the bacon ones are best and worth waiting for if they've run out, but I liked the regular ones just fine. A deep fried ball of steaming macaroni cheese will sort out your Saturday morning! Alternatively, the potato latkes are delicious - topped with hummus and roast vegetables, or my personal favourite - fig and gorgonzola.

Mac n cheese balls at Neighbour Goods Market
Potato latkes, neighbour goods market

Potato Latke

Hopefully you've managed to keep wandering around with your starter because now it's time to find your main course. My favourite was a fabulous salad stand serving boxes of the most amazing salad combinations. Fresh, colourful and packed with flavour, they're the perfect follow up to the slightly less-than-healthy mac 'n' cheese balls!

Also good though were falafel wraps, chicken baguettes, dim sum, kebabs and 'breakfast in a pan'. Grab yourself whatever takes your fancy and sit yourself down to devour it. 

Salad stand at neighbour goods market

Salad dishes at neighbour goods market, Cape Town
Neighbour Goods Market Old Biscuit Mill
And then for the sweet treats. Crepes, waffles, fudge, cake, brownies, all looking incredible and irresistible. I wouldn't judge you if you bought a dessert for now and another for later... just don't overdo it because there's a chocolate factory offering tours and tastings!

Fresh pecan and almond tarts at neighbour goods market

Baked tarts at Neighbour Goods Market
Slices of cake at neighbour goods market cape town
Jars of fudge at Neighbour Goods Market
Chocolate covered nuts at Neighbour Goods Market
After taking your fill of food, make sure to browse the rest of the Neighbour Goods Market for a selection of locally produced clothes, jewellery and gifts. 

The perfect way to begin a weekend :) We often followed up a trip to the Old Biscuit Mill with one to the beach to surf (or sunbathe) off the food!

If you find yourself in Cape Town on a Saturday morning, definitely head along to the Neighbour Goods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock.



  1. This place (& the food of course) looks too beautiful! You're so lucky to go to such a beautiful food market then to the beach! Ahh :)

    Katie // Words By Katie

  2. This looks so good! A nice market is one of my favourite things. :)

    Aisling | anthologie.


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