Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Tea for Every Occasion

Teapot and mug with Jadu Tea

I never used to be much of a tea drinker.

When I was younger, I didn't really do hot drinks - other than a steaming cup of sweet, milky coffee served with buttery crumpets for breakfast, or a mug of Cadbury's finest drinking chocolate.

I only learned to make tea when I started working on Sundays as a teenager... serving tea and coffee to parents at a sports club.

In fact, it's only in the past few years that I've experimented at all with different teas, under the influence of my much more worldly university friends. There's still a place in my heart for strong, sweet, yet milky tea - mainly as a home remedy to stave off an impending cold (five years of medical school has apparently taught me nothing about viruses) - but I like to think I've branched out a little now!

During the house-sharing years of university, we often had an impressive selection of teas between us, from fruit to peppermint to rooibos... and always a big box of PG Tips! And then of course, afternoon tea just isn't afternoon tea without a cuppa.

The wonderful people at Jadu Tea offered to help me keep expanding my tea experiences by sending a very generous package* of some of their delicious teas.

The first things I tried out were the handy tea bags - perfect to pop into a mug and infuse. A good English Breakfast in the morning, requiring nothing more than a dash of milk. And a lovely Mademoiselle Grey, the perfect accompaniment to biscuits or a slice of cake in the afternoon. I'm a big fan of Earl Grey tea as an afternoon drink, so I really enjoyed the fruity twist that is the Mademoiselle Grey. Also, it's super pretty for a tea with the red cornflowers making it all colourful! (In the tea leaves that is. Not the drink).

They also included some packets of loose leaf tea - and some very tempting flavours including Rooibos Creme Brulée and White Mango Lime. During my time in South Africa I got used to drinking Rooibos tea, so it was lovely to have a packet of it when I got home. I don't think I've every tried white tea before, but mango lime sounds like a delicious concoction!

Now if I'm honest, I'm not a huge fan of green tea, finding it a little bitter - but I know it's meant to be good for you! The package from Jadu Tea included a bag of green tea, presented in a luxurious gift box. Their China Green tea comes from the Yunnan province of China and I have a feeling that it's rather good stuff. So if this doesn't sway me towards green tea, I don't know what will!

Thank you to the team at Jadu Tea for providing me with a range of tasty tea samples. All I need now is a few friends over for a tea party... any offers?!

And if you fancy ordering someone special (or treating yourself to) some luxury tea, head to Jadu Tea's online boutique!



  1. Ooh these are so beautifully packaged. They would be good gifts. I have no taste, I just use the black tea bags haha.

  2. I am such a huge tea drinker and these sound great! They are packaged beautifully too :)
    sammy xx

  3. Oooooh these sound lovely! I love all kinds of green and fruity tea's so would love these - I can't be doing without tea bags though, I'm so bad with loose tea :') xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  4. these looks delish!

  5. I'm slowly getting into fruitier teas - I can't get along with green tea either! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog


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