Friday, 11 March 2016

Lunch at Pinkmans Bakery, Bristol

Bristol has an incredible selection of places to eat, and as my time left here grows shorter my list of places to go is getting longer! You'd think after nearly five years I'd have decided upon my favourite places - but more and more just keep popping up, and Pinkmans has shot to number one spot right now.

Making the most of a day off in Bristol, I arranged to meet a couple of friends for lunch and an afternoon of travel planning - basically, the best way to spend a Wednesday afternoon, right?

They suggested Pinkmans Bakery on Park Street, newly opened in December and already apparent accumulating excellent reviews. The place is so much more than just your average bakery - but good baking is very clearly right at the heart of the place. 

Stepping through the door feels almost like somehow stepping straight into Instagram - with rows and rows of fabulous bread, sandwiches, cakes and salads lined up behind glass counters. They also had some samples of lunchtime goods available - I can't quite remember what it was that I tried, but I know that it was some sort of feta cheese goodness!

Arriving at quarter to one we had no trouble finding a table - although the place quickly filled up. Right in the heart of the University Precinct it was full of students lucky enough to have Wednesday afternoons off - a concept unfortunately long forgotten by us!

We headed to the  counters to pick our food - by no means an easy decision. The rolls, sandwiches, baguettes and pastries all looked incredibly tasty but we were all tempted in by the bright bowls of salads. For £6.50 we each had a 'salad plate' with four generous helpings of delicious foods. I have to admit to being really bad at listening to what each dish actually includes, but between us we had some of everything and were not disappointed. Everything looked fresh and was expertly flavoured, as well as being very filling! In fact, some other friends arrived and asked what we'd recommend they chose for lunch, and we simply offered the incredibly unhelpful advice of 'err... everything?'. (It's true though!) 

The atmosphere in the bakery is very friendly with staff happy to help with decisions on food and finding spaces for customers to sit. The decor is fabulous - lots of copper, greenery, wooden tables and filament bulbs. The ovens at the back are open for everyone to watch what is going on - and to keep spotting more and more tasty baked goods! It's the kind of place crying out to be splashed all over Instagram, Pinterest and blogs - that's if you're not too distracted by the food and chatting to get any pictures (which was my downfall I'm afraid...).

Pinkmans Bakery is open all day, serving from breakfast right through until dinner with an impressive menu of all my favourites - fresh bread, sourdoughs, pizzas, cakes and tarts, salads and sandwiches. They offer everything from teas and coffees through to cocktails and beers. I'm rather disappointed that I have such a short time left in Bristol and probably won't get the chance to experience it all anytime soon. I do however know where I'll be heading anytime I return!

Whether you're living in, studying in or just passing through Bristol - I'd highly recommend popping in whatever time of day, whether to sit in or take away. 

Also, their website and instagram are well worth checking out - although, word of warning, it will make your mouth water!

Pinkmans Bakery can be found at 85 Park Street, BS1 5PJ
Open 8am-10pm Monday to Saturday, and 9am-6pm on Sundays


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