Sunday, 27 March 2016

Little Things I've Loved This Week #27

This week has almost felt more like two or three weeks with all the goings on! I spent Monday to Wednesday journey backwards and forwards between Bristol and Somerset for the last days of placement. Then Thursday morning I packed up the last of my things and travelled home - to be confronted by all the bags and boxes I'd sent home last week! I've been trying to make sense of it all and somehow make half a flat's worth of stuff fit into my bedroom... So while I'm still trying to find my way out of what feels like a cardboard box fort, here are some of the little things I've loved this week:

Team spirit on placement. Medicine can be a competitive environment and I've definitely heard tales (from other medical schools) of people going behind each others backs, but this is something that fortunately doesn't seem to happen in Bristol. Instead, when something has happened to anyone that feels unfair, the group have pulled together to stand up for them - we are #oneprofession after all!

Last walks around Bristol. I actually left the house early  to walk to catch my lift to placement on Wednesday, just so that I could fit in one last wander to some of the pretty parts of Clifton in the morning sunshine.

Baking fresh bread. I used the wholemeal loaf recipe from Brilliant Bread - a super simple recipe that doesn't involve getting sticky dough all over the place. Which is good, because near enough the entire loaf got eaten within an hour of coming out of the oven so I may have to make some more!

Walks in the sunshine. My friend and I made the most of the sunny weather on Friday and went for a wander through the park before sitting down in the gardens for a good long chat. I loved being able to be out without a coat - and it may now be time to swap the gloves for sunglasses in my handbag!

Catch ups with home friends. Last night I met a couple of school friends for a few drinks. Turns out that they hadn't seen each other for a couple of years so it was a great night of updating each other on our lives and going back over all the old memories!

I hope you've had a lovely week - let me know what you've been up to!



  1. I do love that Wholemeal recipe - I tend to make it into rolls as my bread slicing skills are horrific! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  2. Hi there, it sound like you had a lovely week. There is something very special about baking bread.

  3. Ohh glad the move went smoothly! So impressed with the bread, still something I cannot master!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. That bread does look lovely! That walk must have been a lovely one - I love a good early morning stroll!

    Rachael at


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