Sunday, 20 March 2016

Little Things I've Loved This Week #26

This week has been both brilliant and also somewhat emotional as my university life is really starting to come to an end! I handed in my very final piece of work and celebrated the end of medical school was a fabulous graduation ball. Next week is all about tying up the last things - final teaching sessions and sign offs, handing in keys for both placement accommodation and my Bristol flat and then heading home! Here are the little things inbetween all this that have made me smile this week...

Little Things I've Loved This Week #26

Dinner and holiday planning. I got back from placement on Wednesday evening and walked round to my friend's house to book apartments for our summer trip to Milan/Hungary/Croatia. It's so exciting putting the trip together, plus she had cooked a delicious vegetable curry with cauliflower rice!

The satisfying feeling of emptying the flat. Although it's quite sad to be leaving, I always love the feeling of completely emptying a place, organising everything into bags and boxes and preparing to move on.

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Having my hair done at Hair at 58, a lovely salon in Cotham. I've tried out a few hair salons in Bristol over the past five years and this is one of my favourites. The head and shoulder massage before my blow dry was the perfect way to relax - as was stroking their really cute little dog!

Dog in hair salon

Little dog

Finally learning to cook an omelette. For some reason they've always been near impossible for me! But this week I've been using up eggs and vegetables and have remembered just how much I love an omelette - even better now that I can make them myself...

Spending Saturday watching the Grad Ball photos roll in. I'm very much considering the Ball a 'Big Thing I've Loved This Week', but I also really enjoyed a relaxed Saturday afternoon scrolling through Instagram and Facebook looking back at everyone's snaps of the night. 

Rice pudding with raspberry jam. Definitely worth digging out the prematurely-packed tin opener for...

Rice pudding with Bonne Maman raspberry jam

This time next week I'll be home and counting down the days until I jet off to South Africa for two months - time is flying by!! What have you loved this week?




  1. Perhaps a little weirdly - I've loved getting my exam timetable and being able to finally start planning and revising efficiently. Oh, and booking a short break to France after exams finish of course! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

    1. I really like getting organised so I understand that! Ooh how lovely - that sounds like the ideal thing to have to look forward to! x

  2. Ohh I haven't had rice pudding for years! So yummy!

  3. All the best with the last leg of uni + travel planning!


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