Sunday, 6 March 2016

Little Things I've Loved This Week #24

This one has been a slightly less hectic week than last, with only the normal amount of travelling - no jaunts off to Scotland! (Which, by the way, I will have a post about tomorrow.) If you're up to date with things round here, you'll know that I got some BIG NEWS this week - and if you're not, I'll just wait here while you catch up :) In addition to that, there have been lots of smaller, but still lovely, happy things this week...

Getting home to beautiful daffodils and really feeling like Spring is on the way. When I left Bristol late on Monday night, the daffodils were still firmly closed. By the time I got back again on Friday afternoon, they had bloomed and looked amazing! These are the sort of everyday little things that just make me smile.

Prosecco, cake and ice cream to celebrate Thursday's events with some of my placement group. Most of the group had returned to Bristol on Thursday, but those of us still there got together for a delicious celebratory treat. It was such a lovely, jubilant atmosphere and everyone was in high spirits. We also an awful lot of fun playing with the face-swap function on Snapchat!

Doing the little things to make patients happy. A lot of my time on the wards is driven by portfolios and competency sign offs and it's quite easy to spend all my time with patients doing things like taking blood, examining them or checking their drug charts. I feel like a better person when I have the time to make a patient a cup of tea, or hold the hand of a confused old lady. Sometimes I think these human things are just as important as any other skills we have to show we can do in medicine!

Sudoku. I forgot how satisfying it is! I had a free paper with me from my journey back from Edinburgh and so I spent a bit of time a couple of mornings doing the puzzles before I went into the hospital. I'm definitely not as quick as I used to be at them though - more practice may be required!

Healthy eating. I like to think that I eat well all the time, without being too controlled about it or denying myself the things I fancy, but it can be quite hard when I share a kitchen with twenty-three other people and travel back and forth between there and my flat in Bristol! This week though I've made the effort to put together tasty and nutritious packed lunches to go into hospital with, and swapped my usual cereal for porridge with berries in the mornings.

Buying my Graduation Ball dress. Medical school is really starting to come to an end now! Our grad ball is approaching and this weekend I found a beautiful dress to wear for the event. I've shared some sneak peaks of parts of the dress - the rest will be revealed later!

What have you been up to this week?


  1. :o excited to see your gradball dress! I've started thinking about mine as well, I foresee lots of procrastination occuring to hunt one down haha.

    1. I still have to find shoes and accessories, so plenty of opportunity to procrastinate for me too!

  2. I too am disappointed with the deterioration of my sudoku skills. Lovely flowers and dress, though!

  3. This was a lovely post, I haven't done sudoku in years.



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