Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sushi Sunday

I can't remember when I decided I liked sushi.

I recall making it one open evening at school with my Italian teacher (and not, weirdly, my Japanese teacher), but I don't remember when it became one of my favourite lunches.

I should probably put in a bit of a disclaimer straight away though - I'm really talking about vegetarian sushi most of the time. Raw fish still freaks me out a little bit (although I reckon I could probably have my mind changed with reallyyyyyy good sushi).

(I should also point out that the title of this post is not a mistake. There has been no scheduling error and I know it's not Sunday. It's just that I actually made sushi the Sunday before last, and 'Sushi Sunday' has a nice ring to it.)

The weekend before last, my flatmate and I were looking for something fun to do that didn't involve being outside in the rain and ideally gave us a chance to watch rugby at the same time. I don't really know how we came to pick sushi making. Perhaps I ought to actually eat a bit more fish and then my memory might serve me better! But anyway, inspiration hit from somewhere and we headed to the nearest supermarket to get the ingredients.

Most big supermarkets seem to sell sushi kits that come with the essential sushi mat and the basic ingredients. All you have to do next is buy the fresh ingredients to fill your sushi. We went for tuna, smoked salmon and a selection of vegetables.

The kit also came with a handy instruction sheet, and we set the rice to boil while we chopped the other ingredients. The rice has to boil in a saucepan with a lid - which led to the discovery that we actually don't have a single saucepan with matching lid. Adulting all wrong, clearly.

We also consulted a few youtube videos on the sushi-making process in order to make sure we were doing everything right and decided to halve our nori sheets (the dark green seaweed sheets that encase the rolls). 

Then the fun really began. We pressed a layer of rice onto the nori sheets, then added our filling before attempting to roll them up. 

It's actually really tricky! It's tempting to make the rolls really full with all the delicious filling, but actually this makes them harder to roll. And there's a bit of a knack to using the mat.

By the time we'd mastered the technique, we'd run out of nori sheets. We did a bit of mad dashing about in the rain on a Sunday afternoon looking for more, but unfortunately all the big shops were shut. We didn't actually need anymore - the amount of sushi we'd made was enough for two, but it was a bit frustrating to run out just as we'd got the hang of it!

Once all rolled up, we sliced them into small pieces, arranged on a plate and instagrammed and snapchatted to our hearts' content. Because that is what you do in 2016, isn't it? 

We then popped the plate into the fridge and just about resisted devouring them before an acceptable dinner time. (Obviously though we'd eaten all the untidy ones for testing purposes...)

When dinner time came around, we dug in to our sushi with a little soy sauce, ginger and wasabi and marvelled at how good it tasted. Definitely something to try again...

Empty dinner plates and wine glasses
Clean plates, a sure sign of good food!

Have you made sushi at home before?

How to make your own homemade sushi



  1. I love sushi, and it's fun maknig it yourself - though I agree - definitely harder than you first imagine!! Alice xxx


  2. Yumm I am such a sushi addict! It's huge in NZ so I would eat it all the time. I have made it a couple times at home but not for years. We just got a good sushi place open down the road from us so I've been eating it all the time!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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