Sunday, 28 February 2016

Little Things I've Loved This Week #22

I know I say nearly every week is busy, but this week I've been struggling to even keep on top of what day it is! When it came to writing this post, I couldn't believe how long it feels since the start of the week. Since last weekend, I've travelled to four towns/cities and did a midweek night shift so it's probably understandable that I've lost track a little! However, a packed week means there have been lots of happy things to write about...

I've been loving working on my new Instagram account. I decided now was the time to start using Instagram to help grow my blog and that it would be a good idea to move from my personal account to a blog-specific one. It's really helped inspire me to work on my blog and I've enjoyed looking out for things to share. I'm getting to grips with using hashtags to get my photos seen and I'm already seeing a slight increase in blog traffic, so the effort is paying off!
Ginevrella Instagram Grid
The news story about the baby gorilla being delivered by C-section at Bristol Zoo, performed by the director of my medical course. Not only was this a pretty cool story medically, but it was even more exciting that I knew the doctor involved! And to top it all off, the day the story broke I actually attended a feedback session he was running and we got a first-hand account of the events.

The incredible colour of this pink smoothie. Photos just don't do justice to the fabulous shade of pink thanks to the beetroot in this smoothie. I'll definitely think about adding to homemade smoothies and juices.

Friday night rugby. I like trying to watch the Six Nations matches when I can, so it was great to be able to catch the Wales vs France game while sitting in my hotel room on Friday night.

Dinner out with my placement group on Wednesday evening. It can feel like a bit of a pain being away from Bristol on placement, but it was lovely to head out as a big group this week for dinner at a local Italian restaurant.

Longer, sunny days. Ok, I won't get too carried away - it is still February and it does still get dark by about six, but I'm definitely noticing that extra little bit of daylight and the bright sunshine has been making me feel pretty good this week!

Watching the world go by from the train. I had a seven hour train journey on Friday which sounds far worse than it really was! It was actually really peaceful and relaxing just gazing out the window and spotting all kinds of sights, including plenty of wildlife.

I've been in Edinburgh this weekend for a psychiatry conference, so make sure to keep an eye out for a post on what I got up while I was there :)

What have you been up to this week?




  1. Followed you on Instagram! I love that it isn't dark when I finish lectures now - it is such a nice feeling!
    Abbie xx

  2. I didn't hear about the gorilla caesar, that is awesome haha. Looking forward to hearing about the conference!

  3. I definitely am appreciating the longer days!! I looove Edinburgh, hope you had an awesome time up there!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. That innocent smoothie looks such a nice colour, what was in it apart from beetroot!? I loved watching about the baby gorilla on the news, incredible :)

    Have a great week,
    Ami x

  5. The story about the baby gorilla at Bristol Zoo made me a little emotional. And that smoothie has a delicious colour. :)


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