Sunday, 14 February 2016

Little Things I've Loved This Week #20

Yet another week has passed by - how is it mid-February already?! This may have been a week that brought bad news for junior doctors (and future junior doctors too), but I still managed to find plenty of good things to focus on and enjoy over the past seven days. Here are just some of the little things that have made me smile this week...

Taking my time over a coffee. With Wednesday being a day off, I decided to head into town and find somewhere with better wifi than my placement accommodation so I could update my eportfolio. Turns out though that I was more on top of it than I realised, so I used the opportunity to people watch and catch up with some blogs.

Meeting the Park Run on my Saturday morning long run. Any time of day or night, you're bound to meet a fellow runner in Bristol - my housemate assures me that she's not the only one out at 5am... But when I'd dragged myself out of bed before seven on a weekend morning, and had been running for nearly an hour already, it was quite nice to round a corner and spot at least a hundred hi-vis and lycra-clad people all out doing the same thing. I've never done a Park Run, but I'll definitely think about doing one in the future!

Being told my hair is in great condition by the hairdresser after I admitted it had been 'a while' since I'd last had a trim. The last time I had my hair cut, my friend was texting me updates on a Six Nations rugby match, which (as I didn't get my hair cut last weekend) means it's actually been a whole year. I'd been expecting to be told I'd need to lose a couple of inches of dead hair and split ends and to book more regular appointments. Instead, I had only a tiny bit taken off the ends and was told it seemed to be in excellent condition!

Homemade tortillas on Friday night after I realised I had only a single wrap in the freezer. I'd bought ingredients for fajitas on my way home, but forgot the wraps. Luckily, my birthday present copy of Brilliant Bread by James Morton has a recipe for tortillas and I had all the ingredients to hand (well, I swapped the lard for butter). Homemade tortillas are so, so easy and taste great! I'll definitely do them again. 

Home made tortilla wraps bread
Flour tortilla recipe book

Homemade guacamole - because actually I only seemed to have bought half the things for fajitas... No worries though, my housemate knows how to whip up a delicious guacamole from scratch and I think it tastes much better fresh.

Chicken fajita mix in pan with homemade guacamole

Being featured in Chloe's 'Blogs to Follow' post. The Life and Loves of Nine Grand Student has been a favourite blog of mine for ages and I admire Chloe's dedication to blogging alongside her degree and developing her career. So it made me happy to see that she's included me in her list of bloggers to follow under 'for amazing achievements'. Thanks!

More tasty food. Madagascan vanilla yoghurt and Waitrose salads... I treated myself to these on my way back to Bristol after a long week of placement.

Getting an 'excellent' score for my neuro exam on my long case. I'm so close to having all my assessments done for the year and this week had my final long case. It's basically about an hour spent with a patient, taking a history and performing an full examination - all under the observation of a doctor. The neurological examination is notoriously difficult because it has so many elements, is rarely performed fully unless the patient has a neurological complaint and can take ages to perform. Therefore it made me pleased when the consultant watching me said she was really impressed with mine!

Suturing fake skin. It's just one of those things that feels really satisfying! Especially as I've actually got the hang of it now and never thought it would ever make sense to me.

What have you enjoyed this week?



  1. Sounds like an awesome week! I love making homemade guacamole, sometimes I just make it for lunch and have it with toast! The homemade tortillas look awesome too, I should give them a go!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Nice sutures! And well done for getting an excellent score on your neuro exam (a notoriously difficult specialty - I never had good scores, hah!)

    Saskia /

  3. Good one on the hair! It's been about 14 months since my last hair cut but I don't think the hairdresser will be so kind to me as they were to you!

    Amy at Amy & More

  4. Ah I love suture practice haha! Preparation for the tiny chance that one day someone will let me close in theatre. Good job on the neuro exam too. I don't think our uni does long cases, it sounds intimidating!


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