Sunday, 7 February 2016

Little Things I've Loved This Week #19

I turned twenty-three this week, so it's been a lovely week filled with celebrations - although I plan to write a bit more about this in an upcoming post, so do come back to hear all about them! It's also been a busy week of travelling. I started the week in Bristol, went back to London, then on to Somerset, back to Bristol and will be heading back to my placement in Somerset tonight. I'm also still have internet issues while I'm in my placement accommodation which is why I'm not getting a chance to blog midweek at the moment. Nevertheless, I'm still enjoying writing these Sunday 'Little things I've loved' posts, and here are the things that have made me smile this week...

Catching up on Sport Relief Bake Off. I downloaded the first episode to watch on the train home and had to keep reminding myself that I was in public, on a quiet carriage and probably shouldn't be laughing out loud...

Going back to school for a day. I got to spend all day in school on Tuesday, speaking at sessions for year nine students who are making their GCSE choices. I always enjoy going back and catching up with some of the staff who remember me. It's also nice to feel like I'm helping and inspiring the students, and to see how far I've come.

Watching Suits. I downloaded series four on Amazon Video at the start of the week, and I forgot just how much I love this show. I've missed watching it and all its fabulous characters so I'm glad it's back in my life! 

Early morning trains out of London. Leaving London at 8am meant an almost empty train - plus the route that I travel ensures I get a nice view of a few landmarks just as the sun comes up. It's a very relaxed way to start the day.

Cake and tea mid-tutorial. The lady who oversees all the administrative work for our hospital academy baked cake for one of our consultation skills sessions this week. Just the kind of tasty pick-me-up I needed on a Thursday afternoon.

Reading James Morton's 'Brilliant Bread'. This was a birthday present from my sister. I love sitting down with a new cookbook and flicking through all the recipes to try out. I'd love to get baking bread more often, and this book has plenty of ideas - plus mouthwatering photos of beautiful fresh bread.

And baking fresh bread... After last week's loaf of bread, I decided to try some rolls for lunch on Sunday. I made a sort of 'caterpillar loaf', but once separated again they were rather tasty straight from the oven with butter.

Caterpillar bread
Caterpillar bread anyone?!

What have you enjoyed this week?


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  1. The smell of fresh bread is beautiful! I haven't watched Sport Relief Bake Off yet but I really must! Happy Birthday and looking forward to reading about it. x
    Amy at Amy & More


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