Wednesday, 10 February 2016

January Pawsomebox

I got a text from my rather confused father a couple of weeks ago, to say that a parcel addressed to 'Jennifer Saffy' had just arrived at the door. Saffy doesn't get a lot of post, so it was pretty easy to deduce that this was probably a special parcel sent by the wonderful people at Pawsomebox*.

We've got these Pawsomebox arrivals down to a fine art now - my sister knows what to do, and Saffy appears to understand it's all for her! Apparently she was straight into the box to pick herself out a toy before any photos could be taken.

Jack russell pawsomebox

In the box was the usual array of toys and treats. 

First out was a pink stuffed toy which didn't appear to survive very long before Saffy had its ears off - sorry pink toy!

We also received some 'Kelp Care Sprinkles' by Seahorse Atlantic, containing a mix of vitamins and minerals plus loads of 100% natural kelp. They help keep dogs happy, healthy and shiny and can be sprinkled on top of regular dog food. While not something I would necessarily pick up for a dog, they did seem to go down ok with Saffy. (Although we did have a little incident where we didn't properly read the packet, and my sister pretty much covered Saffy's dinner in these before we found a tiny little scoop buried inside the packet that was supposed to measure out the right amount!) This is all part of the fun of Pawsomebox - a great way to try out things you never knew existed.

A good supply of tasty treats keeps Saffy happy, so it was great to receive a packet of chicken and carrot minis. These little treats were very much enjoyed by Saffy. The box also came with a packet of 'chicken bones' treats - also enjoyed by this spoiled Jack Russell!

I'm always impressed by the products supplied in Pawsomebox, including this 'Munchy Beef Bar'. Saffy hadn't tried it out when I was home, but the way it was packaged almost like a chocolate bar did look pretty clever.

There was a tug rope included, which I have been informed was a very high quality rope. In fact, Saffy needs to keep hold of it because apparently someone in the family would like to keep it for himself as he thinks it's far too good for a dog!

As always, a big thank you to Pawsomebox for sending all these lovely bits Saffy's way. If you think your dog (or dogs!) would love a box of goodies, definitely make sure to check out Pawsomebox's website and order one. They match boxes to your dog, so you know that you'll be getting goodies perfect for your pet.

Even better, you can get 25% off your first box on any plan! Simply enter the code blg5k1qz to get your discount - a little something from me and pawsomebox. Let me know if you get one!



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  1. Aww this is the cutest! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x


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