Monday, 22 February 2016

February Pawsomebox

Saffy is one spoilt pup!

Another Pawsomebox* has made its way to the door - perfect for cheering up a little dog who seems to have a sore leg at the moment :(

Luckily this February Pawsomebox was a great way to show her some love with a few presents. There was the usual mix of toys, treats and grooming items to try out, plus the usual newsletter with information about the products, news and plenty of cute pictures of other dogs enjoying their boxes!

Icy weather isn't always kind on paws, so we tried out this Paw Protection Spray from Biogance - the same brand who make the Protein Plus Shampoo that's nearly all gone since the Christmas Pawsomebox. This spray is designed to be used daily for dogs who live in cold conditions or are exposed to anything that might irritate the paws. The spray is really easy to apply and helps keep the pads healthy through the winter.

M&M's Kitchen products are featuring quite regularly in Pawomeboxes at the moment, and this month's offering was a packet of 'Pawnut Butter' treats. These homemade dog biscuits are a favourite with Saffy,and are made with rice flour, peanut butter, honey and vegetable stock. 

Also included this month were some FluoFresh dental cleaning chew sticks. Saffy isn't so keen on these types of treats, and I'm always a bit wary of anything quite so brightly coloured! However, plenty of dogs do enjoy these and many owners find them a useful way of keeping their dogs teeth in good condition.

Something I've never heard of before is infused water for dogs - and we got a bottle of this Drinkies Infused Water this month. Obviously there's nothing wrong with fresh tap water for dogs, but this is part of the fun of Pawsomebox - trying out all kinds of weird and wonderful new products!

Saffy gets through toys rather quickly, so receiving a new one in each box is very hepful. This month she got sent a Jolly Doggy comfort toy monkey. She wasted no time in getting hold of him and settling down to nibble off his ears... before, err, destroying him. I guess all dogs find comfort in different ways... She also got a football toy which has lasted longer than the monkey!

Thank you to the lovely people over at Pawsomebox for sending Saffy a box!

Make sure to check out the Pawsomebox website to order one for your pet now :)



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