Thursday, 18 February 2016

Additions to my Cookbook Collection

I began university with a single recipe book and not a whole heap of enthusiasm for cooking or baking.

Fast forward to final year, and I've got a growing collection of cook books - plus a huge pile of Waitrose recipe cards and a few well-thumbed food magazines. 

With Christmas and then my birthday over the past few months, I've received some new additions to my collection. Now that I've had the time to sit down with them, read from cover to cover and even try out a few recipes, I'm ready to introduce them in a blog post.

While you can find a recipe for just about anything online, there's something nice about books to flick through, cover in post-it notes and generally just enjoy. 

Absolute Favourites by Mary Berry

Pretty much anything Mary Berry does to do with food is going to be good. I love her classic recipes - good, family food without trying to keep up with the latest food fashions. I like how this book covers everything from canap├ęs to cake, to meat dishes fish dishes, soups and salads. Everything sounds like hearty, tasty food. I'm not normally tempted by recipes for beef or lamb - but this book could be the one to change my mind. It caters equally well for day-to-day cooking and entertaining, a real all-rounder of a cookbook.

Favourite recipes tried so far:
Mini Bakewell Tarts
Butternut Squash and Lentil Samb

Recipe to try:
Golden Goat's Cheese, Beetroot and Squash Salad.

Crumb by Ruby Tandoh

This is a great baking all-rounder book. Although I didn't love Ruby as a Bake Off contestant, I've certainly warmed to her after reading this book. I like her philosophy of baking being a simple pleasure, with no need for fancy equipment and in-depth consideration of science. She developed many of her recipes in her student kitchen, and this is something that greatly appeals to me as someone who has baked in many a student kitchen over the past five years. There are recipes for bread, cake, pastries, pies, biscuits and plenty more. This book covers the basics of everyday bakes alongside plenty of more challenging recipes to try. The photographs accompanying the recipes are beautiful, and there are detailed explanations of various techniques required throughout the book.

Favourite recipe tried so far:
Daily Bread

Recipe to try:
Tiramisu Cake
Seeded Tin Loaf

Brilliant Bread by James Morton

Why did it take me so long to acquire a bread book?! I've realised I love to bake bread - although I still need a lot more practice. Cakes and biscuits always go down well, but you can't beat having bread straight from the oven for lunch. James was also a Bake Off contestant and is now a doctor - I always used to feel some sort of connection with the medically-minded contestants! I'd heard many a good thing about this book, and now that I own it I can see why. I just want to try everything and having read the descriptions of the breads, I'm sure it'll be no trouble to find people to eat all the bread with me. Like both other books, this one has plenty of beautiful photographs to accompany the well-written recipes. I get the feeling that anything is possible when I read this book, and will certainly be trying out as many of the bakes as I can.

Favourite recipes tried so far:
Basic White Bread
Fast Flour Tortillas

Recipe to try:

Which recipe books should I be getting next?!



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  1. I've not seen Ruby's book, and I really liked her on GBBO. My problem is I still just turn to the internet when it comes to finding recipes, even though I love flicking through a recipe book, I should make use of them more often! Alice xx


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