Monday, 11 January 2016

"Was this half marathon thingy really a good idea?!"

 running clothes Half marathon training

This was the thought going through my head the other morning.

It was 7.45am and the sun hadn't quite come up yet.

I didn't actually need to be in hospital until 11am, so could quite easily have had a lie-in until 10am had I so desired. But no, there I was, voluntarily out in the semi-darkness running.

I've just begun a new placement, out in Somerset, and had moved into the provided accommodation only about 36 hours ago. I didn't know the area, so was running somewhere unfamiliar.

I'd planned out a route that should ensure I didn't get lost, i.e. involving minimal corners and simply running the length of straight roads. What I hadn't factored in, was the fact that I have no idea whether these roads are flat or not.

So shortly after having begun my run, I found myself now running uphill, in a new place, in the dark, in the early morning.

Up until now, I've been reasonably lucky with the weather on my runs - dodging all the rain. So of course, this would be the day that I get caught in cold, heavy rain.

Now I'm five minutes into a planned 40 minute run, running into the wind, cold rain making my clothes stick to me, going up a long hill, in the dark, early in the morning, not knowing the area. I very seriously considered turning round and giving up.

The fact is though, this half marathon isn't going to run itself. And I'm not going to be able to run it if I don't train. So giving up isn't really an option. I had to keep going.

Then, as I finally made it to the top of the hill, I realised the rain had stopped. The sun was coming up. The roads were no longer empty - there was life (in the form of the school run it seems)! My planned route would now take me downhill, with the wind behind me to help propel me along. I was well warmed up and into my stride now, so even just the running itself was easier. 

I reckon it'll be moments like this that I'm grateful for when I run the half marathon in March. All those times I could have given up, but didn't in order to keep training, keep improving my fitness and stamina and just generally make it possible to complete the race. 

Running trainers and ipod

I'll continue to post a few updates about how the training is going - blogging being another motivation to keep it up! I'm also running the half marathon in aid of Alzheimer's Society, so if you would like to sponsor me, you can find my fundraising page here.

If you've got any more tips on staying motivated and running in less-than-ideal conditions, do share!

(As I was running, I was also using the promise of a nice hot shower as yet more motivation. Unfortunately I arrived back and found that our shower was completely cold and I didn't actually know where any of the other showers in the house even were. So sadly this little running tale ends with me taking a cold shower... luckily I have since located a few more showers in the accommodation for future reference).



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  1. I think you're doing an amazing thing and can totally relate to this - I did a 10k last year (not as far but still killed me) and there were days where the weather was so shit but then you'd realise the sun had come out and early morning commuters were waking up. It's a magical moment and I admire you so much xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge


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