Sunday, 6 December 2015

Little Things I've Loved This Week #13

I try not to get too excited about Christmas until December - but I'm certainly starting to feel the festiveness now! It's slightly overshadowed by looming exams, but they'll be out of the way before I know it. This has been a bit of a back and forwards week. I came home to revise on Tuesday , but had to pop back to Bristol on Thursday night - a six hour round trip for what was a twenty minute meeting! Here are some of the little things I've appreciated this week...

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar opened

Coming home to an advent calendar (and a half). I forgot to buy myself one this year, so it made me very happy to get home on the 1st and find an advent calendar stuck to the fridge. Apparently they were on offer as well, so we've ended up with a spare that my sister and I are sharing.

Making a start on my Christmas shopping. This always feels like a big task hanging over me as soon as December starts, so I'm pleased to have sorted three presents already. One of the benefits of revising for finals at the moment is that I'm literally home all the time. Which is a bit dull, but does mean I can do all my shopping online!

Handwriting compliments. I had a review of my portfolio from this term, and among feedback on slightly more medical aspects, I also got told I had great handwriting. Take that primary school teachers who never chose me as winner in the annual handwriting competions... #definitelynotbitter.

Treating myself to new clothes. I meant to do this by going via Oxford Street on my way home from Bristol. However, with the crowds of people and slow moving queues, I got fed up pretty quickly and decided to come home and do it online. And to make this even better, I managed a whole order without my size being out of stock!

What have you been up to this week?


  1. i'm so upset I didn't get an advent calendar this year :(

    Georgia x |GeorgiaNicolaouBlog

  2. Buying things online is a relief I just bought 2 journals on ebay and it feels soooo good haha!!

    Not Your Type Blog


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