Friday, 11 December 2015

Favourite Posts This Year

Favourite blog posts this year

As we reach the final few weeks of December, I'm in the mood for looking back over the year and what I've accomplished on this blog over the past twelve months. I still can't quite believed that I've managed to blog for the entirety of 2015. So whether you're a new reader, or have been following me all year, here are some favourites and some posts you may have missed...

A simple, gluten-free, sweet and squidgy cake - perfect for using up overripe bananas. It seems everyone loves a good banana bread/ cake, so save this recipe!

I got a great response to this post about student stereotypes - turns out most of you aren't/ weren't 'typical' students either!

I had a short series of posts in March, showcasing some of my favourite artwork. I don't always get much time for drawing and painting nowadays, so it was lovely to look back at some of my work and show it off.

Excuse me a minute while I just get over the fact that I'm now a final year medical student... Writing a day-in-the-life post as a medical student is actually quite tricky - my days are all different! This is a day on my obstetrics and gynaecology placement last year. I love seeing what people get up to in a day, and I'm thinking of writing another one of these soon, so keep an eye out!

I'm so sad that I won't be able to go to Badminton this year as I'll be away on my elective (although that's not a bad compromise!). This Gloucestershire-based three-day-event attracts some of the world's top riders, and we spent a beautifully sunny afternoon wandering around the cross country course watching the action.

In July I made it to my one-year anniversary of blogging - a pretty huge achievement for me as I was expecting to give away way before that! I used this as a chance to give some acknowledgement to some of my favourite bloggers.

This summer I spent just over a week touring Ireland with my family. I documented the trip in a series of photo diaries. I picked out this one from Mullaghmore and Derry simply because the harbour at Mullaghmore was so beautiful! We actually spent most of dinner dashing out the front of the hotel with dad's camera to capture the sunset.

Because I used to make weird things on the Sims. And I still laugh at myself for doing so...

I attended my first blogging event this year, hosted by the lovely Adele and Kirsty - the super-organisers behind Pretty Lovely Bloggers. Meeting other bloggers was a great experience, and something I'm keen to do again.

I discovered you can make your own Nutella at home last month, so I shared a take on the recipe I used, modified to make a crunchy version of the classic hazelnut chocolate spread.

It's been a wonderful year so far in terms of blogging and I've been fortunate enough to meet lovely people. work with some great brands and PR companies and to have lots of thoughtful comments and messages from you, my readers! 

I'd love to know what your favourite posts have been this year, whether ones you've read elsewhere or ones you've written yourself - do share!


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  1. I've really enjoyed your blog this year, and I hope to learn more about you and watch this space grow next year too! :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge


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