Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Pawsomebox

No doubt about it... pets are the easiest to buy Christmas presents for! And this year, getting a gift for Saffy was even easier, thanks to lovely people at Pawsomebox who sent a Christmas box*.

Contents of Christmas Pawsomebox for dogs

Saffy's been lucky enough to receive a few Pawsomeboxes now - but this is the first time I've actually been home when one has arrived. It makes a bit of a change not to be writing this review based on the photos and videos I get my sister to send me while I'm at university!

I think this is my favourite box to date - a fabulous selection of festive goodies chosen especially for Saffy based on her size.

Rather than hand them all over straightaway, I'm keeping Saffy waiting and have wrapped each of the items ready for Christmas Day. They're all waiting under the tree (almost doubling the amount of presents there for the family at the moment - lucky girl!). 

First out of the box is a bottle of Biogance shampoo - a fancy, French brand for our pampered pup! This would certainly have come in handy had the box arrived earlier in the day, as Saffy spent the morning in the muddy woods and swimming in the water! This isn't just posh shampoo though. It's specifically tailored for dogs' skin in order to maintain the pH, avoid irritation and to promote a shiny, healthy coat. Not only is it great for dogs, being made with natural ingredients, it's also a good environmental choice as all the Biogance packaging is 100% recycled.

Biogance Protein Plus Dog Shampoo

Next up was a packet of Christmas Pudding treats. We've always got a ready supply of goodies for Saffy, but I think she deserves something extra special at Christmas. These specially made mini Christmas Puddings will be great for keeping Saffy occupied while we tuck into our Christmas meal next week (although perhaps we should save them until after she's had her share of roast turkey?!). These come from M&M's Kitchen who specialise in gluten, dairy and sugar free cakes and bakes, and do a whole range of treats, not limited to Christmas!

M&M's Kitchen mini christmas puddings for dogs

New toys for Christmas is a must - it's a great way of keeping Saffy occupied while we're busy celebrating, preparing dinner and playing games. Luckily she's got a flashing snowball, plush toy and squeaky Santa ready and waiting in her stack of presents.

Dog toy flashing snowball and squeaky toy santa

Plush dog toy christmas robin

I love a chocolate orange (or two) at Christmas (or anytime of year), so these Choc Orange Minis sound like the perfect equivalent for dogs! 

Good Boy Dog Chocolate orange minis christmas

And finally, this wouldn't be a Pawsomebox without a packet of natural treats to try - I have a slight suspicion that these chicken treats may not stay wrapped under the tree for very long if Saffy sniffs them out!

Natural chicken dog treats

I'd like to say a big thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone at Pawsomebox for spoiling Saffy with all these goodies.

Dog with Christmas presents

If you missed out on a Christmas Pawsomebox, don't worry - you can sign your dog up for a subscription and treat them to a box every month! There are monthly, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions to be had.  Check out the Pawsomebox website to sign up.

Hope you (and your pets) are looking forward to a lovely Christmas!



  1. AWWW! Saffy is so lucky! I'm definitely going to check out the Purrfect box for my cat because she's old and needs to be thoroughly spoiled! XD She isn't fussy on toys so I might give them to a shelter!

    Dee | PromptsbyDee xoxo

    1. Every pet deserves a bit of spoiling! That's a nice idea to give the toys away to more pets that need a little treat too! :) xx


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