Thursday, 17 December 2015

2015 Review - A look back at New Year's Resolutions

Back almost an entire year ago, I wrote myself some new year's resolutions - and shared them here on Ginevrella. 

Now, if I'm honest, I'd pretty much forgotten that I'd even done that. It was only when fixing a few bits here and there on the blog that I came across it again!

But seeing as I have rediscovered it, and now we've almost reached the end of 2015, it seemed fitting to take another look at my goals and see whether I remembered to fulfill any of them...

1. Continue blogging - success!
Well it's safe to say that I appear to have managed this one! I don't think I was especially hopeful about this one either - but I've outdone my own expectations and have managed to post reasonably frequently. Well done me! 

2. Run - kind of success?!
Ok, so I'd actually intended for running to become a more regular habit, but I'm still counting this as a semi-success because I have actually run this year. I've struggled to fit it in around hospital placements, particularly when daylight hours are short and I'm living in a new place every few months - running in the dark doesn't feel very safe when I have no idea where I am. But I have signed up for a half marathon next spring and have done a bit of running recently, so I'm prepped to have a better shot at this resolution next year.

3. Read more - success!
And by this, I basically meant read more than about four books in a year. I've certainly achieved this, and have made more use of my Kindle too. I've enjoyed reading a few chapters before bed, or while on the train to London. I never did visit the local library though...

4. Stretch - hmmm...
Well it never really became part of my daily routine. Over the past couple of months I was trying to do some stretches in front of the TV each evening and I was certainly noticing my legs and back were less tight, but I've not really done much recently. It shouldn't really take long at all, but somehow I'm still finding that I don't have the time for a stretching routine. This one may take a little more work...

I was actually pleasantly surprised not to have failed all of my goals for the year! Continuing to blog was obviously the big achievement of the four. I deliberately kept my resolutions quite non-specific (which completely goes against all those SMART target criteria haha), but it meant that without even thinking about them, I managed to complete them (even the stretching did happen occasionally!). 2015 has been pretty successful for me... so hopefully 2016 will be too!

Did you make any resolutions?


  1. Woo you have done so well! Mine was to continue blogging as well so I'm glad we have both succeeded :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Hey you did so well this year, be proud that you did all of these more than you may have done if you hadn't set them as goals! Have you got a new list prepared for 2016? Alice xx

  3. Yay on achieving most of them! I'm impressed you managed to fit in running between hospital placements!

    Saskia /


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