Sunday, 29 November 2015

Little Things I've Loved This Week #12

Little Things I've Loved This Week

Nail varnish, petit filous and wine bottle

It's been another one of those not-very-happening weeks, the type where I can just about keep track of what day it is - revision is kind of blurring them all into one. Nevertheless, I have managed to remember some of the things that  brightened up the week in-between hundreds of pratice exam questions.

Running again. I can't even remember the last time I ran. It was way before fourth year exams though, and they were back in June.  Not sure if I've mentioned it here yet, but I've gone and entered a half-marathon next year! And after making all the excuses about being too busy, it being too dark, too cold, joints aching etc. etc. I finally braved it and just got running again. I forgot that I actually like running. Also, an additional bonus is that I don't seem to have lost too much fitness - I guess all the walking around a huge hospital has had it's benefits this term!

Painting my nails for the first time since the summer. Hospital placement means short nails and no varnish while I'm on the wards. But since I'm now done with that until the new year, I can paint my nails as much as I like. I went for matte black - anyone else love the feeling of matte nail varnish?!

Petit-Filous desserts. I put some of these on my online grocery order as a little revision treat for myself. I always forget how good these are! We used to have them a lot as children - I always preferred the chocolate, while my brother ate all the vanilla ones. (There. My brother finally gets a mention on here. He's always been disappointed that I mention my sister but not him. So there you are little bro', you make your debut as a vanilla yoghurt fan).

Finding our all-time best bottle of wine yet. Yeah, this makes me feel old. But I had to bulk out my food shop to make it to the minimum price, and decided to throw in a decent bottle of wine for what's becoming a bit of a Friday night ritual in the flat - watching Gogglebox with a glass of wine. And this one was really delicious. We might actually finish this bottle, rather than leave it opened and sitting around in the kitchen for weeks until clearing them all out one recycling day, hoping none of the neighbours think we actually drank all of it in a week...

Handing in my clerking portfolio. This was one of our assessments this year. I hate clerking portfolios. I spend the entire placement just waiting for the hand-in day, wanting it taken off my hands. They're the kind of things that you can never quite feel finished with, that you could always add more to and are such a pain when you'd rather just get on with doing actual medicine, or revising. Anyway, this week was hand-in week.So that's good.

How have your weeks been?




  1. I genuinely can't wait to leave my job so that I can paint my nails again! It's all about the small things in life isn't it haha :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. All these things sound good! You make me want to start running♥

  3. I love matte nails too! I haven't done mine in ages. Glad you got back into the running, I've finally joined the gym again so getting back into it! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. Yum for Petit-Filous - I used to love those yoghurts when I was little! x
    Sophie Cliff


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