Wednesday, 4 November 2015

BEAUTY REVIEW: Dusty Girls "Earth Cream"

As someone who likes to keep my day-to-day make up routine as simple as possible, this natural tinted cream has been a perfect addition.

Earth Cream moisturiser and moogoo cow

Although I'd never tried any of their products, I had heard of MooGoo before and Dusty Girls are 'farmed' by MooGoo... you can find out more about the brand here.

I received a bottle of "Earth Cream"* in my PLB South West Meet goody bag, and initially just threw it into the depths of my make up drawer, not expecting to use it anytime soon.

Box of Earth Cream moisturiser in shade medium

But then we had a run of chilly mornings, and a combination of turning on the radiators, long days in a sauna-like hospital environment and waiting for buses in the cold was a recipe for dry skin! 

Curious, I dug out the Earth Cream and tried it out in order to restore some much needed moisture. 

Initially, I wasn't sure about the product - it has a strange smell and I was really conscious of having a funny smelling face all day!

Earth Cream tested out on hand
A little too enthusiastic... you'd not need even this much for a single application!

Scent aside though, I've been really impressed with this product. It blends on extremely easily, giving sheer coverage without feeling heavy or looking like cakey foundation. It nearly always lasts a full day - only looking slightly patchy if I've been touching my face all day (or sitting with my head in hand during a less-then-engaging tutorial). 

It comes off easily with any cleanser, and has been leaving my skin feeling soft. It also has anti-acne properties - and it certainly hasn't caused my skin any problems.

I really like that this product comes in a pump - easy to apply, and no mess.

Pump of Dusty Girl Earth Cream in medium

I wouldn't normally bother with foundation daily, but moisturising is a must - so this multi-tasking product is excellent! As well as moisturising and providing sheer coverage, this cream also means I don't have to use any concealer - and it's SPF5 too, so gives a little sun protection.

I've been using it in the shade 'medium' which works fine for giving me slightly more colour, but would definitely consider buying this cream in the other shade 'light'. The cream currently only comes in 'medium' or 'light', which is a slight disappointment, but it does blend well to look as natural as possible.

Packaging of Dusty Girls Earth Cream

Overall, this is a really useful product that does everything it promises on the box. It's quickly become one of my favourite make up products, and is certainly something I would recommend!

Have you tried any of the MooGoo or Dusty Girl products?


  1. I've never heard of these either but your skin looks pretty flawless in this photo and it seems so easy to use, which is a massive win in my books, so it's definitely something worth looking into :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. This post is awesome! That's why I'll definitely follow your blog to see the new ones!

    p.s. new post about how I met Victoria Beckham already on my blog

    Diana Cloudlet

  3. Great review! I've never even heard of MooGoo, but this cream sounds amazing! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

  4. This looks good and the little cow is so cute.


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