Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The PLB South West Bloggers Meet

One of the things I've enjoyed so far about blogging is all the interaction with other bloggers. Until now, that's been through comments, Twitter and the odd email, but last weekend I got to meet a few bloggers in real life!

Group photo of bloggers
Photo courtesy of Adele

Adele and Kirsty organised an excellent event at the lovely Cosy Club, Bristol. 

It was really nice to meet a totally new group of people, and the venue was perfect for getting a chance to chat to everyone. This was my first blogging event, but some of the other girls commented on how the small group felt much more relaxed and sociable than bigger events - sounds like I started with a good one!

We also had food and drink while we were busy chatting - I went for a Berry Cooler soft drink, and then a vanilla milkshake with my halloumi panini. The food was delicious, and I would have taken photos but was so busy eating and talking that I totally forgot!

Glass of berry cooler drink

There were a couple of brands at the event - Sass, a line of feminine care products, and Dry U who have created a range of affordable waterproof bags perfect for anyone doing watersports, travelling, camping - or just swimming at the beach! We each got one of the bags to take away, so I'm going to give mine a bit of a roadtest then maybe write up what I think.

The girls also held a raffle in aid of Mind, a charity I'm more than happy to support, and there were enough prizes that everyone got at least one. I won a pair of tealight holders and a box of deliciously scented candles from Partylite - which I started trying out the same evening!

Heart shaped tea light holders

A bit of a running joke since the event has been the plentiful supply of Rachel's Organic yoghurt pots. There were so many that we all ended up taking loads - I just about managed to cram six into my bag, and I'm sure some of the others had even more! Luckily these yoghurts are delicious and it will probably take no time at all for me and my housemate to work our way through them.

Organic yoghurt pots

Six pots of Rachel's Organic yoghurts

Finally, we finished the event with huge goody bags each, filled with various products to try out. I had actually walked to the event, but there was no way I would have been able to get all the stuff home without a taxi!

Pile of canvas bags

Pot of pink melts, marshmallows and life tonics bottles

Eye shadow, purple candle and sample products in tubes

Chocolate products, marshmallow, packets of food

Mixture of beauty and skincare items

It was a lovely event and I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Huge thanks to Adele and Kirsty for arranging everything!

Pretty Lovely Bloggers @PrettyLBloggers



  1. So lovely to meet you Jen, hopefully meet up in Bristol soon! Love your post, mine's going up on Friday! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

    1. I look forward to seeing your post! xx

  2. Meeting other bloggers has to be my favourite thing about blogging - it makes it all worth while! It sounds like you had a lovely time which is great to see :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. That sounds like heaps of fun! I've never been to a blogger meetup myself. Damn those are intense goody bags haha.

    1. If there's ever one going on near you, you should definitely try one! And yes, they were fabulous!

  4. Meeting other bloggers must be fun ♥♥


    1. It was lovely to meet other people who just get blogging!

  5. This event looks like it was so much fun and it is so great to be able to connect with other blogger off the screen and in person!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. It was really good fun, and bloggers are great people to socialise with!

  6. Aww, this seems like such a cute idea! Glad you had fun!


  7. great post dear! I love your blog:)



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