Friday, 30 October 2015

Pawsomebox October (and 25% Discount!)

Making sure Saffy gets plenty of treats while I'm away at university has been no trouble thanks to the team at Pawsomebox. They got in touch again to ask if I would like to have a Pawsomebox* delivered for my Jack Russell, and I was only too happy to say yes!

If you haven't already heard of it (where have you been?!), Pawsomebox is a subscription box for dogs. Each month they pick out a mixture of products, all matched to your dog's age and size, for you to try out at home. Boxes come with treats, toys, grooming items and useful bits and pieces... and delivered straight to your door.

As usual, I was at university when the box arrived, so I delegated the task of photography to my sister. But then I also had a spontaneous trip home a few days later and managed to get a few more, so the pictures are from both of us.

 First up is this Nilaqua no-rinse shampoo. Saffy isn't especially keen on being dunked into a tub of water, so a no-rinse shampoo is quick and easy to use for keeping her clean. The shampoo is specially formulated to pour on, massage in and towel off... ideal for an active dog who doesn't want to waste a moment of potential playtime!

I was told that Saffy still did her usual post-bath dashing around the dining room activity with this product, but at least she wasn't soaking wet and dripping all over the carpet!

There were two toys in the box this month - a squeaky doggie biscuit chew toy, and a crinkly cow toy. Remarkably, both toys were still in one piece when I got home a few days after the box arrived - seems like Saffy's decided to look after these ones! 

Personally I think the treats are the best bit about each box. Saffy gets through a lot of treats, so it's nice to be able to vary them a bit. This month she tried out Pet Munchies in chicken flavour, Captain Jack's Salmon Bites and a Good Boy lollipop.

The Munchies are small, square shaped treats - perfect for using for any training you're doing with your dog. I like to use these to refresh Saffy's memory for tricks like 'shake paw' and 'stand up'. Oh, and they're also low fat and wheat, gluten and soya free - so if your dog has a special diet, these should be suitable. I accidentally left this packet out on a side table though and later caught Saffy tearing it up in order to get every last treat out. Obviously these were a winner with her!

 The salmon bites smell really strong of fish... not something I love, but they went down very well with Saffy! They're bigger treats and she likes to take them off to chew in secret... 

The lollipop is very cute, and not something I've seen before. We try not to buy too many of the artificially coloured treats like these, but had no problems from this one. Except for the fact Saffy chewed it the 'wrong' way round!

Finally, we received a few rolls of dog bags - something you can never have enough of!

If you fancy trying out some new products for your pampered pet(s), you can subscribe to Pawsomebox. And as a little extra encouragement, if you use the code 'blg5k1qz', you'll get 25% off your first box!

Even better, if you fancy treating your pet to their very own selection of Christmas goodies, then you can order a Special Edition Christmas box. This is available for order until the 1st December, and comes with free delivery! You'll get 6 specially selected items, and it's guaranteed to arrive before the 25th December, so your pet(s) will have their own presents waiting under the tree.

Thank you to Pawsomebox for sending me and Saffy a free box for review. My review is 100% my honest opinion on these products and I was not paid by Pawsomebox to do so. If I didn't genuinely like the box, I wouldn't post about it!


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  1. I didn't even know subscription boxes for dogs were a thing, but this one sounds awesome! :)
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