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9 Things I Gained From Attending a Blogging Event (Besides the Freebies!)

How I benefited from attending a blog event

Recently I attended my first blogging event, a South West meet up organised by the girls behind Pretty Lovely Bloggers events. It was a lovely afternoon and I wrote a post shortly afterwards, all about the event itself.

I've never organised something on this scale beforehand, but it doesn't take much to figure out that the organisers must go to a lot of work to put it together, and for that I'm really grateful!

I came across this post on Annie Writes Beauty, about bloggers attending events just for the freebies. I don't know how many bloggers this really represents, although I'm inclined to believe that it's probably the minority rather than the majority. Many of the blogs I read feature posts about blogging events, full of praise for the organisers and plenty of mentions for the brands who give samples and free products. However, it's a shame if there are people who think the only thing worth going to events for is a selection of freebies - they're missing out on all the other benefits!

Pile of canvas bags of blogging samplesI personally feel that there is a lot more to gain from attending blog events than a big bag of freebies,and here are just some of the things I've gained from attending a small event...

Benefits of attending a blogging event

1. An increase in page views. 
Since attending the PLBSW Meet, my page views have had a bit of a boost. At first I thought it might have been the people I met going through my archives or something, but actually my new posts seem to have consistently been popular reads. 

2. New blogs to read.
I think I only read the blogs of about two of the bloggers from the event beforehand. I sometimes find that there are 'blogging circles' of people all connecting with the same people, so getting to an event is a great way to find people who write and share blogs from a totally new area of the internet.

3. New Bloglovin' followers.
Just as I found new blogs to read, some of the girls I met seemed to like my blog too. It was only a small event (in terms of numbers of people), so it hasn't rocketed my following, but it's brought me a few steps closer to my next milestone.

4. New Twitter followers.
Thanks to the handy #PLBSWMeet hashtag, we were all able to find each other before the event and follow one-another. Tweeting about the event also increased my reach, and bloggers who were following the hashtag without necessarily attending the event were also able to find me.

5. A afternoon out.
Going to an event is just that - an event! Having somewhere to be filled up some time in an otherwise quiet weekend. When friends and family are busy, sometimes it's nice to be able to have a reason to go out.

6. Finding somewhere new nearby.
The event I went to was held at Cosy Club, Bristol, somewhere I hadn't been before. It's a little bit out of my usual way, so it's not somewhere I would necessarily have thought to go with friends from uni.

7. A reason to bring up my blog with friends.
I maintain that my blog isn't a 'secret' - I've always promoted it on my Twitter account, it just happens that most of my friends don't use Twitter! However, I've never really known how to bring up the subject of my blog in conversation - so having to explain why I was going out, and why I might come back with a few goodies was a good excuse to mention it!

8. Supporting a charity.
The PLBSW meet also involved a raffle, where money raised went to the mental health charity, Mind. I think lots of events do similar things and it's a super-easy way to give money to causes you want to support.

9. Non-medical conversation.
I'm a fifth year medical student. The majority of my university friends are fifth year medical students. It's just the way it works with this kind of course, and I don't have an issue with it because we just get what we all go through. And when you spend all week in hospital, and a chunk of weekend working on the portfolios and revision the course requires, it's only natural that medicine now dominates a lot of conversation (although we do have plenty of other topics too!!). But it was so nice to meet a group of girls from all different backgrounds - some working, some studying and all with different interests.

Bloggers at Pretty Lovely Bloggers South West Meet
Photo courtesy of Adele Smith

So, there you go. While I am enjoying working my way through the products I received and am very grateful to the brands who were kind enough to give them, I have gained far more from the event than just freebies!

What I gained from attending a blog event, how blog events can benefit your blog



  1. I think meeting new people, finding new blogs to read and gaining followers mean so much more than freebies. Sure they are nice, but having supporting people around is much nicer! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. This is all very true! I've been to a fair few events this year and I can't believe I didn't start meeting up with other bloggers sooner. It gives you such a sense of support and real community that makes you feel part of something bigger than your little part of the internet.


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