Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Blogging and Catching Up

Pink purple and yellow flowers in vase

Sunny, Sunday morning.

Now more than ever I'm learning to really appreciate having a bit of free time to simply relax and just slow down for a while.

Final year has well and truly begun and it's felt like a pretty hectic week with lots of early starts getting to the hospital for morning ward rounds, and busy evenings of staying on top of work with final exams approaching before the end of the year.

It might be a busy few months, but I'm determined not to neglect this online space during this time. Writing a blog is a perfect escape from medicine, so I'll be doing my best to find time for it. But if it all goes a bit quiet over here, I hope you'll understand why!

It's not all been intense medicine this week though... I've also taken the time to explore the new area I'm living in, and the route to the hospital I'm placed at. I've discovered shopping I've never really considered before, with a selection of fabulous greengrocers and stores selling flours, grains, spices and pulses by weight - and all so cheap. This might revolutionise my shopping this year! (As well as start an addiction to chocolate covered raisins).

We've also spent time this weekend adjusting the flat and making it even more homely with pictures on the walls, fairy lights round the window looking over the city, and some very mathematical bunting hanging.

And then of course, the Rugby World Cup has begun. And Downton starts tonight. The TV choices are looking rather good currently.

It's just been so lovely to slow down for a couple of days, enjoy not setting an alarm and just catch up on the world around me.

So this is really just a short post to say hello again, and hope you've all had a lovely week.




  1. Good luck with everything, I know how you feel!

  2. The shops you describe sound really cool.


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