Friday, 25 September 2015

Re-invention of the Colouring Book

Colouring books with coloured pencils and flowers

Until recently, if you'd asked me to describe a colouring book, I'd probably have imagined something along the lines of simple pictures for children, on that scratchy grey-ish paper, with big thick black lines - and probably a few ugly scribbles where some other kid had gotten hold of it.

Well that's all changed now.

Frog and bird colouring book pages coloured

Animal Kingdom and Colour Me Mindful Tropical

The adult colouring book market seems to be ever expanding as we try to move away from screens and back towards more traditional downtime hobbies. Besides simply being an enjoyable way to pass the time, these books have the benefits of being calming, stress relieving and boosting creativity. In an increasingly digital world, it's lovely to just step back, gather your crayons and lose yourself in the lines.

Colouring in octupus with red pencil

Admittedly, I was dubious at first.

I love being creative and arty, but for me much of the pleasure comes from starting with a completely blank page and building up the pencil strokes to create something of my own. Using someone else's black and white pictures felt a little bit like cheating...

Colouring in snake with purple pencil

Coloured colouring book pages and pencils

However, drawing from scratch takes time I don't always feel I can allow myself during my busy university life. I find sketching the outlines takes a lot of preparation and precision and this puts me off - which is a shame because I love getting out my colouring pencils! 

Using these colouring books gives me that 'head start' to finding time to be creative during the week, and they have become one of my favourite ways to wind down in the evening, or spend a Sunday afternoon. 

Blank colouring book pages

The images are beautiful, the books of excellent quality and the details mean that these books will last me a long time. In fact, they're probably going to outlive my well-loved colouring pencils that have seen me through GCSE art, personal drawings and beyond!

Spectrum of colouring pencils

Have you tried out any of the many adult colouring books out there?





  1. Oh wow, these pictures have actually changed my mind a little on colouring books! I must admit, when the new trend emerged, I was a bit skeptical but everyone seems love it so who am I to judge. Plus you've made them look so good! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. I UTTERLY love my colouring book. I was very skeptical too to begin with but I've found that having busy hands is one of the best ways to step outside your mind for a while and completely switch off.
    M x Life Outside London

  3. These books are beautiful! My boyfriend won't like me saying this but he actually bought himself a colouring book after using mine haha! It is so relaxing though :)

  4. I keep seeing them around! I was terrible at colouring when I was little, I wonder if that's changed...

  5. I bought an adult colouring book the other day and I absolutely love it, I've been sitting at it for hours every day and it's so relaxing!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  6. I've tried a Millie Marotta one and I absolutely loved it, I find it so calming and helps to let out my creative side too! x

  7. Do remember these focuses to get the best out of the pre school printable coloring pages.


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