Thursday, 2 July 2015

Pawsomebox June

I love being able to treat my favourite four-legged friend, Saffy, so I was delighted to find that Pawsomebox* had asked again if she would like to sample some more goodies. We had already tried out the March Pawsomebox which went down well, and June's is even better!

I was at university when the box arrived, so luckily I had my sister on hand to get some photos before Saffy demolished everything. As you can see, the box is pretty full of all kinds of lovely doggy things.

 Pawsomebox always includes new and interesting items that I've never heard of before, including these Herbal Tea Woof Biscuits from Nom. Saffy likes to think she's one of the humans in the house, so these are as close to drinking a cup of tea as she can get! The combination of dog treat and herbal tea smells is an odd one, but Saffy seems to like them. They're made with all natural ingredients and are lovely and nutritious for any lucky dogs who earn themselves some treats!  

Saffy might like the herbal tea treats, but she absolutely loves these 8-in-1 Chicken and Carrot Treats - so much so, they've had to be hidden right at the top of a tall bookcase! She likes them so much that I'm saving them for training and agility work in the garden as she'll do pretty much anything to get one. These are also nice and nutritious for dogs so they get a big thumbs and paws up from us!

The box included a small towel that Saffy seems to have confused with a superhero cape (dual purpose perhaps?). We usually use big beach towels to wrap her up in, especially if she's been swimming, but this is a nice small one to keep around just for drying her after baths.


Now apparently, Saffy's favourite thing out of the whole box was this plastic ball - but she'd already managed to lose it before I got home! I believe it's a hard plastic ball that she found a bit confusing at first (she's more used to tennis balls), but then got the hang of pushing around. It's a shame it's disappeared already but I'm sure it'll appear under a sofa or something!

Finally, there was a squeaky pull toy that I'm sure she'll enjoy tearing apart just as soon as she's destroyed the rest of her toys, and a handy Easy Tie gadget that would be useful if we have to just stop and secure her somewhere quickly.

Thank you once again, Pawsomebox - we've got one very happy pup at home now!

Pawsomebox is a subscription box service designed for dogs - they send you a selection of treats, toys and useful items to try out and keep. It's a brilliant way of finding new items, figuring out what your pet enjoys and, most importantly, treating your four-legged friends! If you'd like to see what you think, the good news is that they're offering a free trial box! Just follow the link to get started.


*Pawsomebox sent me the box for free but all opinions are my own!


  1. N'awww she looks so happy with everything! So adorable <3

  2. Great selection of treats and gadgets! keep meaning to try one of these pet boxes, my pup would love this stuff! :)

  3. Oh look how happy she is! Especially in her cape.
    I love these boxes as a way of discovering new pooch paraphernalia BUT my dogs discovered a taste for Lily's food from one and that stuff is expensive!
    M x Life Outside London


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