Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Are banana pancakes really that good?!

It wasn't until I started blogging myself that I read enough blogs to appreciate the fact that there is such thing as a 'blogging trend'. Whether that's fairy lights and rose gold bowls, or blogging advice posts, there's usually something that becomes a bit of theme in my Bloglovin' feed. And just recently, the blogs I follow seem to have become the Banana Pancake Brigade. 

Now, banana pancakes might not be a new concept, but when I see something three times within the space of thirty minutes I start to get rather curious. Especially as everyone was raving about how delicious and simple these pancakes are. 

My sceptical mind whirred into action. I'm not the most skilled cook in the world (just check my baking bloopers post!) and I failed to see how anyone could possibly make an actual real life pancake from just banana and egg. But of course, you should never dismiss anything until you try it...

A spontaneous weekend at home from uni meant that I left some just-ripe bananas sitting in a warm kitchen for days, and when I returned they were so ripe they were almost peeling themselves. So staying true to my word on all the comments I left on various banana pancake themed blog posts, yesterday morning I made use of a super ripe banana to experiment...

To make my pancakes I used:
1 very ripe banana
1 medium egg
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

I started by melting a small piece of butter into a large frying pan, making sure to coat the surface and then waited for it to get really hot.

I mashed the banana in a small bowl, added the egg, baking powder and vanilla essence and whisked it all together using a fork. 

I'd done a bit of pre-reading before attempting these, and the common theme in the advice was to make your pancakes small in order to make it easier to flip them. So I used probably the equivalent of just over a tablespoon each time, doing them two at a time.

As the first two dollops of mixture sat in the pan looking decidedly un-pancake-like, I was sure that this experiment was doomed. I was right, pancakes without flour cannot be a thing. But then, slowly, they began to solidify. And if I poked the edges very gently, they seemed to lift! Maybe this would work after all...

After another minute or so of hesitant expectation, I decided to try and flip the first pancake. Which was really more a case of me chasing it around the frying pan with a plastic spatula, rolling it into a ball rather than flipping it. But it was solid, if rather messy. And that was the main thing. I eventually gave up pushing it round the pan, lifted it out and onto a plate and tasted it...

I was actually really rather surprised - it tasted good! Sweet, fluffy... and well, rather pancake-like! So I carried on making them, and with a bit of practice I started to get the hang of just when to turn them over in the pan, how to flip them so that if a bit spilled, the pancake landed on top of it and picked it back up. 

Eventually I had enough pancakes to make a pancake stack. A pretty sad looking one I'll admit, but a definite stack nonetheless. Drizzled with a little honey, they were delicious. Sweet, but not sickly. Fluffy like a really good omelette, but not eggy in taste. And actually rather filling considering how little went into them.

So, are banana pancakes really that good?
Verdict: Yes! They took a bit of time and patience (not always my strength in the kitchen), but were the ideal way to use up an overripe banana, tasted great and actually formed solid pancakes. (They do come with the side effect of having the Jack Johnson 'Banana Pancakes' song stuck on repeat in your head all day long)

I should never have doubted them. If I find myself with a free morning, a ripe banana and an egg again in future, I'll certainly give them another go. (Although perhaps I'll serve them on a slightly smaller plate next time)

Have you tried banana pancakes?


  1. I do want to try these, but I almost never have eggs available on a weekend morning. I usually just end up using sad box mix, womp womp.

    Aisling | aisybee.

    1. It's rare that I ever have eggs in when I need them! I've never tried a box mix though

  2. I have tried them, they do taste alright! I suck at making pancakes though, by the time I have a decent stack most of them are cold!

    1. Haha, yes I think I need to practise a bit more with pancake making! If I can't speed up though, I might try keeping them warm in an oven as I go

  3. Replies
    1. Your post was one of the reasons I made them, so thanks for inspiring me! x

  4. I really like them with blueberries in! :) x

    1. Now that I know they work, I'll definitely be experimenting and so blueberries might be the first thing I try! x

  5. I need to give these a try, they sound really good! xx

    1. They taste delicious so do try them out! xx

  6. I tried making banana pancakes once, they didn't turn out so good!

    1. Oh no! I was wondering if this was just beginners luck - I might need a few more tries to be sure they work!


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